The Tale of Rose: When Does Fu Jiaming Appear?

Fu Jiaming’s surprise arrival in episode 29 of The Tale of Rose brings heartfelt emotions and a captivating story about luck and family love.
The Tale Of Rose: When Does Fu Jiaming Appear?

The Tale of Rose brings in the third male guest, Fu Jiaming, in episode 29. This plot development not only advances the storyline but also brings some unexpected emotional moments. Here’s a detailed look at Fu Jiaming’s introduction and my thoughts on it.

Fu Jiaming’s Surprising Appearance

In episode 29, it’s Fu Jiamin’s birthday. Huang Zhenhua, Su Gengsheng, Yuan Zheng, and Zhou Shihui all come to his home to celebrate. However, the biggest surprise of the party is the arrival of his brother, Fu Jiaming, who rushes home despite his busy schedule. Fu Jiaming’s presence emphasizes his care and love for his family, touching the hearts of the audience.

Fu Jiaming’s arrival isn’t just about celebrating a birthday; he also brings a special gift: a large brick. Everyone present is puzzled by this gift, but Fu Jiaming soon shares the story behind it. While riding his motorcycle on the highway from Inner Mongolia, he accidentally ran over this brick, causing him to tumble into the nearby grass. This accident ended up saving his life as it made him avoid a speeding truck that subsequently crashed into three other vehicles. The brick became a symbol of his luck and survival, and sharing this with his family turned the moment into a touching celebration.

The Emotional Moment of Brotherly Love

Fu Jiaming’s story not only showcases the deep bond between him and his brother but also highlights the concern and blessings within a family. Everyone raises their glasses to toast Fu Jiaming’s safe return, celebrating his bravery and good fortune. This scene is a beautiful tribute to familial ties and the emotions that bind them.

Viewers are moved by Fu Jiaming’s courage and luck, as well as the profound brotherly love displayed in this episode. This plot not only enriches the show’s content but also creates a deeper emotional connection with the audience.


In episode 29 of The Tale of Rose, Fu Jiaming’s introduction brings many highlights and touching moments. His story showcases his sense of responsibility as a brother and reveals the unexpected twists and luck in life. Through this episode, viewers not only get to know Fu Jiaming’s character better but also feel the strong family bonds.

In future episodes, we look forward to seeing more of Fu Jiaming’s exciting moments and hope the series continues to deliver such touching and surprising scenes. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, be sure to check it out—you won’t be disappointed!

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