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Adapted From A Novel

Future (2023)

Discover love and challenges in the Thai drama Future (2023). Follow Fuse and Ana’s journey in this romance series.

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Adapted From A Novel
Original Title วิศวะสุดหล่อขอหมอเป็นเมีย
Seasons 1
Episodes 6
Duration 45 mins
Status Ended
Year 2023
First Air Date March 19, 2023
Last Air Date April 30, 2023
Broadcast Day sunday

Fuse is a good-looking sophomore engineering student who is worried about being alone since all of his friends seem to be in relationships. Taking advice from one of his friends, he goes to get his teeth cleaned and meets Ana, the dentist' son. The two start flirting and a campus love affair begins!

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Editor's Review
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Fuse, the handsome engineering student, can’t figure out why he’s still single despite his good looks. Enter Ana, a friendly dentist whose smile captures Fuse’s heart. But can their love story overcome the challenges they face?

Review: Future had its moments, but unfortunately, it fell short in several areas. Let’s break it down:

  1. Story (Rating: 1.0/5.0): The plot felt contrived and rushed. Ana’s instant crush on Fuse before even meeting him officially was hard to believe. Their sudden love connection lacked depth, and the subsequent angst and jealousy seemed farcical. Unlike other BL dramas that build a foundation for romance, Future missed the mark.
  2. Acting/Cast (Rating: 2.5/5.0): While the acting was reasonable, some tearful scenes felt forced. The chemistry between the main leads, Fuse and Ana, was lacking. In contrast, dramas like 21 Days Theory skillfully laid groundwork for believable relationships.
  3. Music (Rating: 1.0/5.0): The OST didn’t leave a lasting impression. It failed to enhance emotional moments or create a memorable atmosphere.
  4. Rewatch Value (Rating: 1.0/5.0): Unfortunately, Future won’t be on my rewatch list. The lack of chemistry and rushed storyline made it forgettable.
  5. Supporting Characters: The friends and families were endearing, but their impact on the overall plot was limited. I would have liked more development for Ana’s friend Tee and less reliance on secondary characters like Gun and Bar.

In summary, Future struggled to deliver a compelling romance. While I adore Rookie Thailand’s other works, this one fell short. Perhaps future dramas will learn from its missteps.