The Tale of Rose: Did Su Gengsheng and Huang Zhenhua Finally Get Married?

Su Gengsheng and Huang Zhenhua resolve their past and get married in The Tale of Rose finale, showcasing love and resilience through an emotional marathon.
The Tale Of Rose: Did Su Gengsheng And Huang Zhenhua Finally Get Married?

n the heartwarming finale of The Tale of Rose, Su Gengsheng and Huang Zhenhua resolve their differences and take a monumental step towards their future together. After a marathon of emotions and misunderstandings, the couple decides to get married, sealing their commitment with a heartfelt ceremony.

Marathon of Emotions

Before the big day, Su Gengsheng confesses to Huang Zhenhua that she was previously married. Initially, this revelation leaves Huang Zhenhua unsure of how to proceed, and his sister, Huang Yimei, becomes concerned about her brother’s relationship. She returns to Beijing to help mend the rift between them.

To overcome their emotional hurdles, Huang Zhenhua invites Su Gengsheng to join him in running a marathon. This symbolic gesture aims to illustrate their journey and struggles together. As they start the marathon, Huang Zhenhua leads the way, but as his energy wanes, Su Gengsheng overtakes him. Despite the physical exhaustion, both persevere, demonstrating their resilience and commitment to each other. The marathon metaphorically represents their relationship, with each finding motivation in the other to keep moving forward.

A Heartfelt Proposal

Huang Zhenhua initially plans the marathon as a means to test Su Gengsheng, but it turns into a poignant moment of reconciliation. When they finally cross the finish line, Huang Zhenhua proposes a honeymoon in Phuket, bringing tears of joy to Su Gengsheng’s eyes. This touching moment signifies their renewed dedication to each other.

As their loved ones, Wu Yuejiang and Huang Jianru, witness the couple’s tender embrace from afar, they feel immense joy and rush home to prepare the necessary documents for the wedding.

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