The Rise of Aimee Xu: A Young Star in Chinese Dramas

Aimee Xu, 15, shines in Chinese dramas like The Long Wind Passes and The Feather of Cloud. Her talent and charm have won hearts everywhere.
The Rise Of Aimee Xu: A Young Star In Chinese Dramas

The world of Chinese dramas is buzzing with the emergence of a young star, Aimee Xu. At just 15 years old, Aimee has already graced several hit dramas with her natural acting skills and charming looks. This article explores Aimee’s notable roles and how she has captured the hearts of audiences across various shows.

Aimee’s Breakthrough in The Long Wind Passes

Aimee Xu In The Long Wind Passes

One of Aimee’s standout performances is in The Long Wind Passes, where she played the role of a maid named Yin Hong. Her portrayal of Yin Hong was a delightful mix of loyalty and cleverness, which made her character shine. Despite being a supporting character, Aimee’s beauty and charisma often overshadowed the lead, drawing significant attention to her performance.

Her ability to embody the role with such authenticity at a young age speaks volumes about her talent. The audience’s reaction to her character in The Long Wind Passes was overwhelmingly positive, solidifying her status as a rising star in the Chinese drama industry.

Captivating Performance in The Feather of Cloud

Aimee Xu In The Feather Of Cloud

Aimee’s role in The Feather of Cloud further showcased her acting prowess. She played Lark, the adoptive sister of the female lead, who appears mostly in flashbacks. Although her screen time was limited to about ten minutes, her performance left a lasting impression. Lark’s tragic beauty and Aimee’s poignant portrayal earned her the title of “the unforgettable white moonlight” among fans.

This role not only increased her popularity but also highlighted her ability to leave a strong impact, even with minimal screen presence. The emotional depth Aimee brought to Lark’s character resonated deeply with viewers, proving that she could handle complex roles with grace.

The Versatile Young Actress

Aimee’s versatility is evident in her varied roles across different genres and settings. From the determined Salia in Novoland: Pearl Eclipse to the vibrant Hua Jin in The Long Ballad, her performances are consistently praised for their depth and authenticity. Her talent shines through whether she is playing a maid, a warrior, or a young princess.

Aimee Xu In Various Roles

In The Long Ballad, Aimee’s character, Hua Jin, despite not being the main protagonist, captivated audiences with her intelligence and sincerity. Her interactions with the lead characters were natural and believable, further cementing her reputation as a talented young actress.

Upcoming Projects

As The Misty Rain Between Clouds continues to air, fans eagerly anticipate Aimee’s upcoming projects. She has five dramas in the pipeline, including collaborations with notable stars and directors. Among these is The Dream Returns, directed by Guo Jingming, where fans are excited to see if she can recreate the unforgettable magic of her previous roles.

Aimee Xu'S Upcoming Projects

Aimee’s future in the industry looks incredibly promising. With her already impressive resume and the anticipation surrounding her future projects, she is well on her way to becoming one of the most influential young actresses in Chinese dramas.


Aimee Xu’s journey in the Chinese drama industry is a testament to her remarkable talent and dedication. At just 15 years old, she has achieved what many actors strive for their entire careers. Her performances in The Long Wind Passes and The Feather of Cloud have not only won her fans but also established her as a versatile and powerful actress. As she continues to grow and take on more challenging roles, there’s no doubt that Aimee will keep enchanting audiences with her exceptional skills and captivating presence.

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