The Most Powerful and Feared: 9 Gangs of Rich Students in Korean Dramas

Unveil the gripping stories of elite student gangs in Korean dramas. From toxic friendships to intense power struggles, these dramas reveal the dark side of privilege.
The Most Powerful And Feared: 9 Gangs Of Rich Students In Korean Dramas

Korean dramas often explore the dynamics within elite school settings, particularly focusing on the power hierarchies among students from wealthy and influential families. These students, often forming exclusive gangs, wield significant influence over their peers and even teachers. Here, we delve into some of the most powerful and feared gangs of rich students depicted in popular Korean dramas.

The Chaebol Quartet in Hierarchy (2024)

Hierarchy addresses the issues surrounding education in an elite school attended by children from affluent families. At Jooshin High School, a notorious gang is formed by the wealthiest students: Kim Ri An (Kim Jae Won), Jung Jae Yi (Roh Jeong Eui), Ji Hye Won (Yoon He Ra), and Lee Woo Jin (Lee Won Jung).

The Chaebol Quartet In Hierarchy

These students hail from conglomerate families and political backgrounds, making them highly influential and feared by both students and teachers. Despite their sometimes toxic behavior, they maintain a tight-knit friendship and protect each other. However, their bond is tested by a budding love story and a mysterious death that points fingers at them. This drama highlights the intricate relationships and power struggles among the elite students, offering viewers a glimpse into the dark side of privilege.

F4 in Boys Over Flowers (2009)

The iconic F4 group in Boys Over Flowers is perhaps the most well-known gang of rich students in Korean drama history. Consisting of Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong), So Yi Jung (Kim Bum), and Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon), these four friends come from wealthy and powerful families, giving them unparalleled influence at their prestigious school.

F4 In Boys Over Flowers

Their friendship dates back to childhood, and they are known for their charisma, good looks, and, at times, their ruthless behavior. Despite their initial antagonism towards the protagonist, Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun), the members of F4 show growth and complexity as the series progresses, revealing their vulnerabilities and capacity for change. The drama captures the essence of young love, friendship, and the pressures of living up to family expectations.

Toxic Friendships and the Struggle for Power

Club Diamond in Bitch X Rich (2023)

In Bitch X Rich, the Club Diamond is a group of elite students who are significant contributors to their school’s funds. This financial power translates into social dominance, allowing them to forge toxic friendships and exert control over less privileged students. The drama explores themes of arrogance and privilege, highlighting the negative impacts of wealth and power on young minds.

Club Diamond In Bitch X Rich

The Bullies in The Heirs (2013)

The Heirs features two prominent chaebol heirs, Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin), who initially use their status to bully others. Their tumultuous relationship evolves from rivalry to a complex friendship, reflecting the internal struggles and external pressures faced by the heirs of wealthy families. The drama poignantly portrays the conflicts between personal desires and familial obligations.

The Bullies In The Heirs

The Dark Side of Privilege

The Elite in Class of Lies (2019)

Class of Lies depicts a group of four wealthy students embroiled in a murder case. Their affluence and family backgrounds shield them from feeling guilt or responsibility for their actions. The drama sheds light on the corruption and moral decay that can accompany immense wealth, making it a gripping and thought-provoking watch.

The Elite In Class Of Lies

The Penthouse Gang in The Penthouse (2020–2021)

In The Penthouse, five students from affluent families engage in relentless bullying, driven by their parents’ wealth and influence. Their friendship is marked by competition and betrayal, illustrating the cutthroat nature of their social world. The drama’s intense plot and dramatic twists keep viewers on the edge of their seats, reflecting the extreme lengths to which these privileged students will go to maintain their status.

The Penthouse Gang In The Penthouse


These Korean dramas offer a compelling look at the lives of rich students and the exclusive gangs they form. While their wealth grants them power and influence, it also brings challenges and moral dilemmas. The dramas not only entertain but also prompt viewers to reflect on the real-life implications of privilege and power in educational settings. As always, these stories serve as a reminder to value kindness and integrity over social status.

For more intriguing content on the dynamics of elite student gangs, check out the dramas mentioned above and immerse yourself in their captivating narratives.

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