Park So Yi Rehearsed 7 Months for the Dancing Scene in The Atypical Family

Park So Yi's 7-month dance training for The Atypical Family showcases her dedication and growth as a young actress. Learn about her journey and character transformation.
Park So Yi Rehearsed 7 Months For The Dancing Scene In The Atypical Family

Child actress Park So Yi has recently completed her role in the JTBC drama The Atypical Family, which concluded on June 9, 2024. Starring alongside Jang Ki Yong, she portrays a daughter with the unique ability to read minds. This performance showcases her growing talents and dedication to her craft.

Starting her career at the age of six, Park So Yi has continually impressed audiences with her acting skills. Her latest role required her to step outside her comfort zone and learn a new skill, demonstrating her commitment to bringing her character to life.

Park So Yi Rehearsed 7 Months For The Dancing Scene In The Atypical Family

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Park So Yi’s Role in The Atypical Family

In The Atypical Family, Park So Yi plays Bok I Na, a shy and withdrawn girl who feels insecure about her mind-reading superpower. This causes her father, Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Yong), to worry about her social isolation and potential bullying.

As the story progresses, Bok I Na’s character experiences significant growth. She joins her school’s dance club and participates in a competition, marking a pivotal moment in the drama. This transformation from a reserved girl to a confident dancer is a highlight of the series.

Park So Yi In The Atypical Family

Park So Yi In The Atypical Family ( 

The 7-Month Dance Rehearsal

To prepare for this crucial dancing scene, Park So Yi practiced for an impressive seven months. This was documented in the Off-Stage content uploaded on the YG STAGE YouTube channel. As an actress under YG ENTERTAINMENT, Park So Yi showed her dedication and perseverance by overcoming her initial nervousness with the support of her choreographer.

Her commitment to perfecting the dance is evident, reflecting her professionalism and passion for acting. Such dedication at a young age is truly commendable.

Park So Yi Practicing For Her Role

Park So Yi Practicing For Her Role ( 

Learning New Things: A Matter of Pride

Park So Yi revealed that learning new skills can be challenging, but she views these challenges as opportunities for growth. She shared, “At that time, I first learned about flamenco dancing and how to play the accordion in another drama series. It was difficult to learn something new, but I felt very proud when filming finished.”

She added, “And once again, I learned about a cool dance that I had never tried before. It was difficult, but thanks to a lot of practice, I managed to dance on stage today. I feel proud of myself.”

Despite her young age, Park So Yi meets the demands of her roles exceptionally well. Her ability to learn and master new skills for her characters is a testament to her dedication and talent. As she continues to grow in her career, we can expect even more impressive performances from her.

In my opinion, Park So Yi’s commitment to her roles is truly inspiring. Her willingness to dedicate months of practice for a single scene highlights her passion and professionalism. Watching her evolve as both an actress and an individual in The Atypical Family has been a delight, and I look forward to her future projects.

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