Did Huang Yimei and Fang Xiewen Get Married in The Tale of Rose?

In the 20th episode of The Tale of Rose, Huang Yimei and Fang Xiewen's heartfelt wedding in Yanji is a blend of simplicity and emotional depth.
Did Huang Yimei And Fang Xiewen Get Married In The Tale Of Rose?

In the 20th episode of The Tale of Rose, the much-anticipated wedding between Huang Yimei and Fang Xiewen finally takes place. Unlike the grand weddings often depicted in dramas, theirs was a modest affair held in Fang Xiewen’s hometown, Yanji.

The Modest Wedding Ceremony

Fang Xiewen brought Huang Yimei to his hometown for the wedding. Despite the simplicity of the event, it was filled with heartfelt moments. Huang Yimei even took the time to learn a few phrases in the local Korean dialect to better connect with the community. The wedding proceeded as planned, with friends and family gathering to celebrate. Fang Xiewen and Huang Yimei showed their gratitude by toasting each guest, and after the banquet, everyone returned to their homes, marking the end of the event.

An Unexpected Visitor

As the wedding festivities were winding down, an unexpected guest arrived—Zhuang Guodong. When he came to Yanji, Huang Yimei and Fang Xiewen hadn’t yet registered their marriage. Huang Yimei made it clear to Zhuang Guodong that she and Fang Xiewen were now officially married, signaling to him that he should move on.

The Day After the Wedding

The day after the wedding, Huang Yimei and Fang Xiewen visited a photo studio to take their wedding pictures. However, Fang Xiewen was noticeably silent and unhappy due to Zhuang Guodong’s unexpected arrival the previous day. Despite the tension, the couple officially registered their marriage.

Shortly after the wedding, the newlyweds returned to Shanghai. Fang Xiewen brought local specialties for his colleagues and quickly resumed his demanding work schedule. Huang Yimei also skipped a honeymoon and went straight back to her job at the publishing house.

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