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Connect 2022

Connect (2021)

A genre-blending thriller with secrets, immortality, and unexpected connections. Dive into the enigmatic ‘Connect World’ in this South Korean drama.

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Connect 2022
Original Title 커넥트
Tagline I can see what he sees.
Formats Streaming
Seasons 1
Episodes 6
Duration 6 mins
Status Ended
Year 2021
First Air Date December 7, 2022
Last Air Date December 7, 2022
Broadcast Day wednesday
Network ,

Dongsoo leads a solitary life, spending his time uploading music to the internet. His ordinary life is upended when he is kidnapped by an organ hunter, who takes out one of his eyes. Soon, Dongsoo is sharing the vision of someone who got his eye. Through the connected vision, he learns that the taker is a notorious serial killer, and pursues the murderer to get his eye back.

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Editor's Review
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A Genre-Blending Thriller with a Dash of Sci-Fi

“Connect,” a six-part South Korean drama that premiered on Disney+ and Hulu, weaves together elements of mystery, horror, crime, and science fiction. Directed by a renowned filmmaker, it offers a unique viewing experience that combines suspenseful storytelling with visually stunning scenes.

The premise revolves around a mysterious phenomenon known as the “Connect World.” As the story unfolds, viewers are introduced to a cast of intriguing characters, each harboring secrets and grappling with their own demons. Here’s what stood out:

  1. Narrative and Suspense: The well-written script keeps audiences engaged. The show masterfully balances thriller elements with fictional intrigue. As the plot thickens, viewers are drawn into a web of secrets, immortality, and unexpected connections.
  2. Visual Aesthetics: The cinematography and direction deserve applause. From striking camera angles to beautiful shots, “Connect” delivers a feast for the eyes. The opening credits, in particular, feature a gorgeously animated intro that sets the tone for the series.
  3. Acting Excellence: The cast delivers commendable performances. Jung Hae In, known for his versatility, portrays pain and vulnerability with authenticity. His portrayal of a character with only one eye is both realistic and captivating. Go Kyung Pyo’s turn as a serial killer adds an unsettling layer to the drama, while Kim Hye Jun’s facial expressions enhance her character’s depth.
  4. Music and OST: The soundtrack, featuring Hae In’s sweet voice, complements the mood. However, the repetitive use of the same song (albeit necessary for the plot) occasionally dampens the impact.
  5. Gore and Special Effects: “Connect” doesn’t shy away from blood and gore. The tentacles used for regeneration are impressively rendered through CGI and VFX. While some scenes may be disturbing, they serve the overall narrative.
  6. Chemistry and Unexpected Moments: The chemistry between the cast members adds authenticity. A surprising sex scene and an early kissing moment raise eyebrows. Additionally, the rear nudity controversy sparked discussions, but it’s par for the course in the acting world.
  7. Room for Improvement: Despite its strengths, “Connect” lacks sustained suspense and tension. Spoilers from behind-the-scenes videos may have affected the element of surprise. The final fight scene and the hint of a potential second season leave room for exploration.

In summary, “Connect” is a satisfying watch for fans of suspenseful films. While it doesn’t achieve perfection, its blend of genres and memorable performances make it worth tuning in. If a second season materializes, count me in for another trip to the enigmatic “Connect World.”