Deng Shu’s Retirement in Teresa Teng

In Teresa Teng, Deng Shu's retirement is a heartwarming tale of duty, family support, and new beginnings. Dive into this emotional rollercoaster.
Deng Shu’S Retirement In Teresa Teng

In the recent episodes of Teresa Teng, Deng Shu, one of the central characters, decides to retire. This decision is wrapped in a series of emotional and dramatic events that add depth to the storyline.

The Catalyst for Change

Deng Shu’s retirement is not a simple, straightforward decision. It begins when his secret communication with his family is discovered by the Bao Fang (security office). Despite the initial severity of the situation, Bao Fang suggests that Deng Shu could step down gracefully by relinquishing his top position and a major rank. Misinterpreting the situation, Deng Shu blames Si Chuan for betraying him, leading to a physical confrontation. The altercation inadvertently causes You Xiumei, who is pregnant, to experience severe pain, necessitating immediate surgery. The emotional turmoil peaks as Deng Shu, feeling guilty, kneels and apologizes. Thankfully, You Xiumei safely gives birth to a son, with Si Chuan stepping in as a delighted father.

Struggling with Retirement

Following these events, Zhao Sugui, Deng Shu’s wife, agrees with his decision to retire. However, she insists that he does so without any blemishes on his record. Deng Shu is torn; he wants to retire but is concerned about the family’s future livelihood. Zhao Sugui suggests selling buns and steamed bread as a new source of income, even proposing that they start small by selling from a bicycle. She also motivates Deng Shu by presenting their daughter’s championship flag, symbolizing family pride and resilience. Deng Shu consents to their daughter pursuing her singing career, provided it doesn’t interfere with her studies. With his family’s support, Deng Shu begins his new venture, initially with hesitation, but gradually adapting to his new life.

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