7 Cha Min’s Acts of Kindness to Jae Rim in Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale

Moon Cha Min's kindness towards Shin Jae Rim shows his hidden feelings.
7 Cha Min’S Acts Of Kindness To Jae Rim In Dreaming Of A Freaking Fairytale

In the drama Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale, Moon Cha Min (played by Lee Jun Young) is portrayed as an arrogant, wealthy man scarred by his past. This trauma has led him to act indifferently towards the women he meets. However, his interactions with Shin Jae Rim (played by Pyo Hye Jin) gradually reveal a softer side to him. Despite his tough exterior, Moon Cha Min frequently shows kindness to Shin Jae Rim, often without realizing it. Let’s explore seven of Moon Cha Min’s notable acts of kindness towards Shin Jae Rim in Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale.

1. Offering a Job Despite a Bad First Impression

Their first meeting did not go well, leaving a sour taste in both their mouths. Despite this, Moon Cha Min hires Shin Jae Rim to work as a manager at Chungdam Heaven. This decision marks the beginning of their evolving relationship, showing that Moon Cha Min sees potential and value in Jae Rim despite initial misgivings. It’s an act that sets the stage for their future interactions and his subtle but significant transformation.

Moon Cha Min Accepted Shin Jae Rim To Work As A Manager

2. Going Above and Beyond in a Crisis

One memorable scene highlights Moon Cha Min’s unexpected willingness to help Jae Rim in a moment of need. When Jae Rim couldn’t walk to the toilet, Cha Min didn’t hesitate to carry him around the park to find one. This act, filled with urgency and care, demonstrates a side of Cha Min that contrasts sharply with his usual indifference, revealing his capacity for genuine concern.

Moon Cha Min Carrying Shin Jae Rim

3. Acknowledging Hard Work

After tasking Shin Jae Rim with preparing an exhibition alone, Moon Cha Min not only appreciates Jae Rim’s efforts but also invites him to the party. This recognition and inclusion are significant, showing that Cha Min values and respects Jae Rim’s hard work. It’s a moment of professional and personal validation for Jae Rim, hinting at Cha Min’s evolving feelings.

Moon Cha Min Appreciates Shin Jae Rim'S Work

4. Respecting Personal Boundaries

Understanding the importance of personal growth and relationships, Moon Cha Min stops assigning Jae Rim tasks outside his job description, allowing him more time to find a soul mate through his work. This consideration shows a deeper understanding of Jae Rim’s personal needs and aspirations, highlighting Cha Min’s growing empathy and thoughtfulness.

Moon Cha Min Stops Assigning Jae Rim Tasks

5. Defending Jae Rim Publicly

At a welcoming party for Baek Do Hong, Jae Rim faces public humiliation. In a surprising turn of events, Moon Cha Min steps in to defend him. This public display of support is a significant act of kindness, showcasing Cha Min’s willingness to stand up for Jae Rim, further solidifying their bond.

Moon Cha Min Defends Shin Jae Rim

6. Helping Make a Good Impression

Understanding the importance of first impressions, Moon Cha Min buys Jae Rim clothes for his first date with Baek Do Hong. This gesture is not just about material support; it’s about boosting Jae Rim’s confidence and helping him feel prepared for an important personal milestone.

Moon Cha Min Bought Shin Jae Rim Clothes

7. Protecting Jae Rim

In one of the most dramatic acts of kindness, Moon Cha Min saves Jae Rim from a kidnapping attempt and even undergoes special self-defense training to better protect him. This level of dedication and care goes beyond ordinary kindness, showcasing Cha Min’s deep, albeit unspoken, feelings for Jae Rim.

Moon Cha Min Saves Shin Jae Rim From Kidnapping

Even though all of Moon Cha Min’s kindness stems from his liking for Shin Jae Rim, he never expresses his feelings to his manager. Will Moon Cha Min confess his love to Shin Jae Rim? Watch the continuation of their story in the upcoming episodes of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale to find out!

Moon Cha Min’s journey from an indifferent, arrogant man to someone capable of profound kindness is captivating. His acts of kindness towards Jae Rim not only drive the narrative forward but also provide a heartwarming glimpse into his true character. As viewers, we can’t help but root for him to finally express his feelings and find happiness.

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