5 Upcoming Korean Dramas Starring Artists Under IEUM HASHTAG

Upcoming Korean dramas starring IEUM HASHTAG’s top talents.
5 Upcoming Korean Dramas Starring Artists Under Ieum Hashtag

IEUM HASHTAG is home to some of South Korea’s most talented actors and actresses, including Jun Ji Hyun, Jung So Min, and Kim So Hyun. Known for their exceptional acting skills, these artists are always the center of attention in any project they undertake. Here, we look at five upcoming Korean dramas featuring these stars that fans are eagerly awaiting.

Tempest (Jun Ji Hyun)

5 Upcoming Korean Dramas Starring Artists Under Ieum Hashtag

Image Source: Kang Dong Won And Jun Ji Hyun (Doc. Disney+/Tempest) 

In the drama Tempest, directed by Kim Hee Won and Heo Myung Haeng, Jun Ji Hyun takes on the role of Moon Joo, a wise and decisive diplomat caught in a major political conspiracy following an attempted murder. Alongside her, Kang Dong Woon plays San Ho, a mysterious special agent who works with Moon Joo to uncover the truth. With filming scheduled to wrap up in October, this drama is set to premiere next year. The combination of suspense, political intrigue, and top-tier acting makes Tempest a must-watch.

Is It Fate? (Kim So Hyun and Yoon Ji On)

Is It Fate? Drama Poster

Image Source: Is It Fate? Drama Poster (Doc. Tvn/Is It Fate?) 

Is It Fate? is an adaptation of a popular webtoon, set to air on July 22, 2024. The drama features Kim So Hyun as Lee Hong Joo, an animation producer haunted by past romantic traumas. Her life takes a turn when she reunites with her first love, Kang Ho Young (Chae Jong Hyeop), after ten years. Yoon Ji On, another artist from IEUM HASHTAG, also stars in this drama, adding more excitement for fans. The storyline of rediscovering love and chasing dreams is sure to resonate with many viewers.

Good Boy (Kim So Hyun)

Park Bo Geom And Kim So Hyun

Image Source: Park Bo Geom And Kim So Hyun (Doc. Jtbc/Good Boy)

Kim So Hyun continues to impress with her role in Good Boy, where she stars opposite Park Bo Gum. They portray athletes who switch careers to become special police officers, using their unique skills from their sports backgrounds to fight crime. This drama explores their struggles with injuries and economic hardships, providing a compelling narrative about resilience and new beginnings. Good Boy promises action, drama, and heartwarming moments that fans will love.

Love Next Door (Jung So Min)

Jung Hae In And Jung So Min

Image Source: Jung Hae In And Jung So Min (Doc. Tvn/Love Next Door) 

Jung So Min returns with Love Next Door, a drama about Bae Seok Ryu, a successful project manager who abruptly resigns. Opposite her is Jung Hae In as Choi Seung Hyo, a nearly perfect architect. Their long-standing connection and evolving romance form the heart of this drama, which is set to air this August. The combination of Jung So Min’s and Jung Hae In’s chemistry and the captivating storyline makes this series a highly anticipated release.

Light Shop (Kim Seol Hyun)

The Cast Of The Drama Light Shop

Image Source: The Cast Of The Drama Light Shop (Doc. Disney+/Light Shop) 

Kim Seol Hyun stars in Light Shop, alongside Ju Ji Hoon and Park Bo Young. Adapted from a webtoon by Kang Full, this drama explores the lives of individuals with past traumas who are mysteriously drawn to a lamp shop in a rundown alley. This shop, frequented by spirits caught between life and death, holds the key to their past, present, and future. The intriguing plot and stellar cast make Light Shop a fascinating watch for those who enjoy supernatural and emotional narratives.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming Korean dramas featuring artists from IEUM HASHTAG promise a mix of genres, from political thrillers to heartwarming love stories and supernatural mysteries. Each drama showcases the incredible talent of these actors, making them highly anticipated releases. Personally, I’m most excited to see Jun Ji Hyun in Tempest and Kim So Hyun in Good Boy. Their ability to bring depth to their characters ensures that these dramas will not disappoint. Which drama are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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