5 Proofs that Bok Gwi Ju is Still Alive at the Ending of The Atypical Family

Bok Gwi Ju's fate in The Atypical Family finale left fans debating. Here are 5 proofs that he’s still alive, making for a hopeful and intriguing conclusion.
5 Proofs That Bok Gwi Ju Is Still Alive At The Ending Of The Atypical Family

The Atypical Family aired its final episode on June 9, 2024, and left viewers buzzing with theories. Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Young) possesses the power to travel back in time, which played a significant role in his mysterious disappearance and subsequent return. While some believe his reappearance was merely Do Da Hae’s (Chun Woo Hee) hallucination, there are compelling reasons to believe that Bok Gwi Ju is indeed still alive.

Let’s explore five pieces of evidence that suggest Bok Gwi Ju’s survival.

1. Bok Man Heum’s Dream About a Funeral Without a Body

In episode 10, Bok Man Heum (Go Doo Shim) dreams of a funeral for Bok Gwi Ju, but notably, there is no body. Initially, this dream is interpreted as a premonition of Bok Gwi Ju’s death when he saves Do Da Hae from a fire.

However, the dream takes on new meaning when the fire occurs in the future rather than the past. During this incident, Bok Gwi Ju rescues Do Da Hae and Bok I Na (Park So Yi) from falling debris. The absence of a body in the dream hints at the possibility that Bok Gwi Ju survives by using his time-traveling abilities, which aligns with the theme of his unique powers.

Go Doo Shim In The Atypical Family

2. Bok I Na’s Faith in Her Father’s Return

Bok I Na demonstrates unwavering confidence that her father, Bok Gwi Ju, will return. She reassures Do Da Hae, expressing her belief that the funeral in her grandmother’s dream doesn’t mark the end.

Bok I Na’s conviction adds a layer of hope and suggests that Bok Gwi Ju’s disappearance is not permanent. Her belief that he just needs more time to come back strengthens the argument that he is still alive and will eventually reunite with his family.

Park So Yi In The Atypical Family

3. Bok Gwi Ju’s Words About “Not the End of Everything”

In a crucial moment, Bok Gwi Ju saves Do Da Hae and Bok I Na from being crushed by rubble. He emphasizes that this is just the beginning and not the end.

His words resonate when he moves through time to Bok I Na’s birthday, saving a young Do Da Hae in the process. Despite the peril, he insists that their journey together is just beginning, suggesting that his story isn’t over and he has more to accomplish.

Jang Ki Young In The Atypical Family

4. Bok Man Heum’s Dream About the Arrival of Guests

After five years, Bok Man Heum and Do Da Hae’s families have grown close. Bok Man Heum frequently visits the sauna to dream, and one such dream foretells the arrival of a special guest.

On the day of the dream, Bok Man Heum asks his family to set an extra place at the table, anticipating Bok Gwi Ju’s return. This preparation for a long-awaited guest strongly suggests that Bok Gwi Ju’s presence at the end is not merely a figment of imagination but a real, impending reunion.

Chun Woo Hee In The Atypical Family

5. Bok Nu Ri’s Time-Traveling Abilities

Bok Nu Ri (Yoon Ji Oh), the son of Bok Gwi Ju and Do Da Hae, exhibits powers similar to his father’s, including traveling through time. He finds a ball that had disappeared and mentions carrying it from yesterday, indicating his ability to retrieve objects from different timelines.

When Do Da Hae shows Bok Nu Ri a photo of Bok Gwi Ju, Bok Nu Ri asks if there’s anything his mother wants to bring back from the past. Shortly after, Bok Gwi Ju appears, holding his son’s hand, implying that Bok Nu Ri brought him back from a different timeline.

Jang Ki Young, Chun Woo Hee, And Yoon Ji Oh In The Atypical Family

The Atypical Family sparked intense debate due to the ambiguous fate of Bok Gwi Ju in the final episode. However, these five pieces of evidence suggest he is still alive, making the ending more hopeful than initially perceived. What do you think? Does this evidence convince you that Bok Gwi Ju survived and that the drama had a happy ending?

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