4 Tips to Achieve Your Dreams from the Korean Drama Red Swan

4 inspiring tips from Red Swan to help you achieve your dreams.
4 Tips To Achieve Your Dreams From The Korean Drama Red Swan

The new Disney Plus original Korean drama, Red Swan, has taken viewers by storm with its inspiring storyline. The drama follows Oh Wan Soo (played by Kim Ha Neul), who comes from a poor family and dreams of escaping poverty through his passion for golf. Despite having no privileges, Wan Soo’s journey to becoming a successful golfer is a testament to hard work and determination.

Here are four tips inspired by Oh Wan Soo’s journey in Red Swan to help you achieve your dreams. Let’s dive in!

Start from Simple Things

Kim Ha Neul In Kdrama Red Swan

Kim Ha Neul In Kdrama Red Swan (Instagram.com/Haneul_Jin) 

Oh Wan Soo’s dream of becoming a golfer started small. He learned the basics of golf by accompanying his mother, a golf coach, to work. She taught him how to hold a golf club, position his body, and hit the ball correctly. It wasn’t easy at first; young Wan Soo often hit the ground instead of the ball. But with time and persistence, he improved.

This teaches us that every great journey begins with simple steps. By starting small and focusing on the basics, you lay a strong foundation for future success. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way; they are a crucial part of the learning process.

Practice Often

Kim Ha Neul In Kdrama Red Swan

Kim Ha Neul In Kdrama Red Swan (Instagram.com/Haneul_Jin) 

There’s a saying, “A knife is sharp because it is sharpened.” This means that continuous learning and practice are essential for mastering any skill. Oh Wan Soo exemplified this by practicing golf tirelessly. He worked as a golf coach during the day and practiced at night, eventually winning 20 tournaments in 10 years and earning a place in the Hall of Fame.

The key takeaway here is the importance of consistent practice. Whatever your dream may be, dedicating time regularly to practice and improve your skills is vital. Hard work and repetition can turn your efforts into expertise.


Kim Ha Neul In Kdrama Red Swan

Kim Ha Neul In Kdrama Red Swan (Instagram.com/Haneul_Jin) 

Wan Soo’s journey wasn’t easy. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream, living abroad for 12 years. Despite the challenges and loneliness, he stayed focused on his goals. His dedication paid off when he finally returned to South Korea as a successful golfer.

Focus is crucial when working towards your dreams. It’s easy to get distracted by challenges or to feel homesick and miss the comfort of familiar surroundings. However, maintaining a clear vision and staying dedicated to your goal can help you navigate through these difficulties and stay on course.

Motivate Yourself

Kim Ha Neul In Kdrama Red Swan

Kim Ha Neul In Kdrama Red Swan (Instagram.com/Haneul_Jin) 

Self-motivation is a powerful tool in pursuing your dreams. Throughout his journey, Oh Wan Soo remained disciplined and motivated, which helped him stay persistent and focused despite the obstacles. His story, though fictional, serves as an inspiration to keep pushing forward.

To achieve your dreams, it’s essential to believe in yourself and stay motivated. Remind yourself why you started and what you aim to achieve. This internal drive can help you overcome distractions and maintain the persistence needed to reach your goals.


Red Swan not only entertains but also offers valuable life lessons through the story of Oh Wan Soo. His journey from a disadvantaged background to a celebrated golfer is a powerful reminder that dreams can be achieved with hard work, practice, focus, and self-motivation. So, don’t be discouraged—start small, practice often, stay focused, and keep yourself motivated. Your dreams are within reach!

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