4 Risks Lee Mi Jin Faces After Changes in Miss Night and Day

Lee Mi Jin's transformation in Miss Night and Day brings unexpected challenges and risks.
4 Risks Lee Mi Jin Faces After Changes In Miss Night And Day

Miss Night and Day (2024) presents a captivating narrative of Lee Mi Jin (played by Jung Eun Jin), a young woman in her 20s who mysteriously transforms into an older woman. This unexpected change occurs after she helps a seemingly magical cat. The transformation brings several challenges for Mi Jin, leading to numerous risks she must navigate. Here are four major risks Mi Jin faces as she adapts to her new reality.

1. Homelessness and Threat of Losing Her Home

Mi Jin Being Expelled From Her Home

Mi Jin’s transformation catches her off guard. Upon waking, she encounters her parents, who are shocked to find an unfamiliar old woman in their home. Unaware that this older woman is actually their daughter, they expel her from the house, leading to her being taken to the police station. It is only after seeing her reflection in a mirror that Mi Jin realizes the extent of her transformation. Confused and desperate, she decides to run away, only to find solace when she reverts to her original form by evening.

2. Unrecognized by Her Closest Friends

Mi Jin'S Best Friend Panicking

The sudden physical change also affects Mi Jin’s relationships. Her best friend, Kim Ah Young (Do Ga Yeong), is terrified when an unfamiliar old woman enters her apartment. Unable to recognize Mi Jin, Ah Young’s panic adds to the isolation Mi Jin feels. This lack of recognition from those closest to her underscores the loneliness and alienation she experiences due to her transformation.

3. Avoiding Her Parents During the Day

Mi Jin Sneaking Out

To prevent further shock to her parents and those around her, Mi Jin decides to stay hidden during the day. She grapples with the mystery behind her transformation and searches for a solution. This situation is incredibly frustrating for Mi Jin, forcing her to sneak out in the early morning before her transformation occurs, all in a bid to keep her new reality a secret from her parents.

4. Assuming a New Identity

Mi Jin As Her Aunt Im Sun

Despite the unresolved problems, Mi Jin remains optimistic. She manages to secure employment, albeit under her new guise as an older woman. Using the identity of her long-lost aunt, Im Sun (played by Lee Jung Eun), Mi Jin finds work as a janitor. This new identity, while offering some stability, represents yet another layer of complexity in her already tumultuous life.

These challenges highlight the difficult and surreal journey Mi Jin faces in Miss Night and Day. Despite the obstacles, Mi Jin’s resilience and optimism shine through, offering hope that she will find a way to turn her predicament into an advantage. What does the future hold for Mi Jin, now known as Im Sun? Don’t miss out on the unfolding drama in Miss Night and Day!

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