15 Quotes from The Atypical Family That Will Touch Your Soul

Dive into 15 heartwarming quotes from The Atypical Family. This Korean drama touches on love, guilt, and happiness, offering profound insights into human relationships.
15 Quotes From The Atypical Family That Will Touch Your Soul

The Korean drama The Atypical Family has captivated audiences with its unique blend of superpowers and heartfelt moments. Starring Jang Ki-yong, Cheon Woo-hee, Go Doo-sim, Soo Hyun-ryung, and Park So-yi, this Netflix series offers more than just an engaging storyline; it provides profound quotes that resonate deeply. Here are 15 true quotes from The Atypical Family that truly touch the heart.

Finding Happiness Amidst Darkness

“Once the happiness at that time fades away, I can’t go back to that moment.”

After Gui Zhu experienced depression, he lost the ability to feel happiness, making it impossible for him to return to joyous moments from his past. He said, “Even at special moments, it will inevitably become boring after repeating it several times. On the one hand, it is because when others encounter misfortune, I am alone in happiness, which will make me feel guilty. Once the happiness at that time disappears, I can no longer go back to that moment.” Meeting Du Duohai helped him realize that happiness doesn’t need to come with guilt.

The Atypical Family

“Everything else is gray, only you are colorful.”

Gui Zhu’s journey with Duohai symbolized his path to recovering his superpowers and finding happiness. In the monochrome world of his past, only Duohai stood out in color, representing the sole source of joy in his otherwise gloomy life.

The Atypical Family

“Even if I feel lonely, it doesn’t mean I’m alone.”

Gui Zhu’s realization that feeling lonely doesn’t equate to being alone highlights the importance of emotional resilience and finding strength within oneself.

“You can’t erase the past, but you can draw a better future.”

Duohai’s words serve as a reminder that while we cannot change our past, we have the power to shape our future through our actions and decisions.

“When you smile, the world becomes a little brighter.”

This quote emphasizes the impact of positivity and how a simple smile can make a significant difference in our lives and the lives of others around us.

Overcoming Past Trauma

“But that moment won’t let me go. Even if I try not to think about it, I’ll be back there in the blink of an eye.”

Gui Zhu struggled with the haunting memories of his beloved senior’s sacrifice. He shared, “But that moment wouldn’t let me go. Even if I tried hard not to think about it, I would still be back to that time in the blink of an eye. All I could see were students and squad leader Zheng rushing into the fire. I was dragged back to watch it over and over again. I couldn’t do anything. No matter how hard I tried, I was powerless. I didn’t understand why it kept calling me back.” Despite knowing he wasn’t at fault, he couldn’t shake off the overwhelming guilt.

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“Don’t cover your eyes. Only by seeing the eyes can you see the heart.”

Foina, who felt worthless and guilty about her birth, was afraid to look people in the eye. However, Duohai advised her that to truly understand someone, one must look into their eyes, as they reveal the truth about a person’s heart.

&Quot;I Hate It When People Say That Women Are Their Enemies.&Quot; 15 True Quotes From &Quot;Although Not A Hero&Quot; That Touch Your Heart

“After all, nothing is more terrifying than the human heart.”

Duo Hai empathized with Ina, seeing her former timid self in the young girl. She encouraged Ina by saying, “After all, nothing is more terrifying than the human heart. But if you keep escaping because you are afraid, you will only become more and more afraid!” She reminded Ina not to be afraid of facing others and understanding their true selves because genuine friends will never make you feel scared.

&Quot;I Hate It When People Say That Women Are Their Enemies.&Quot; 15 True Quotes From &Quot;Although Not A Hero&Quot; That Touch Your Heart

“The scars we bear are proof of our strength.”

Gui Zhu reflects on the challenges he has faced, understanding that his scars are not signs of weakness but symbols of the strength he has gained through overcoming adversity.

“It’s okay to cry; it means you still feel.”

This quote highlights the importance of allowing oneself to feel emotions fully and not suppressing them, as feeling is a part of healing.

“Love is not about possession, but about appreciation.”

Gui Zhu learns that true love is not about owning someone but appreciating them for who they are and supporting their happiness and growth.

“You are stronger than you think.”

Duohai encourages Gui Zhu, reminding him of his inner strength and resilience, which often surpasses his own perceptions.

“In every ending, there is a new beginning.”

This quote serves as a hopeful reminder that every conclusion in life opens the door to new opportunities and experiences.

“The journey is just as important as the destination.”

Foina’s words remind us to value the experiences and lessons learned along the way, not just the end goal.

The Atypical Family is filled with quotes that not only touch the heart but also inspire and provide comfort. Each character’s journey offers valuable lessons on dealing with guilt, finding happiness, and facing fears. This drama beautifully captures the complexities of human emotions and relationships, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a show that goes beyond mere entertainment.

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