15 Best Drama OSTs That Won Awards: What’s Your Favorite?

Award-winning Korean drama OSTs that fans cherish. Find your favorite soundtrack here!
15 Best Drama Osts That Won Awards: What’S Your Favorite?

Korean dramas are well-known for their memorable soundtracks (OSTs) that are both captivating and easy to listen to. Some of these soundtracks have even topped the Korean music charts and won prestigious awards like the Seoul Drama Awards and the Seoul Music Awards. Are you curious to know which drama OSTs have won these accolades? Let’s take a look at 15 of the best drama OSTs that have captured our hearts and won awards over the years.

The Magic of Korean Drama OSTs

Korean drama soundtracks play a vital role in enhancing the viewing experience. They bring out the emotions in each scene and help viewers connect with the characters on a deeper level. These OSTs often feature renowned singers and musicians, making them a treat for both the ears and the soul. Here are some of the award-winning OSTs that have left a lasting impact:

1. Love Always Runs Away by Lim Young Woong for Young Lady and Gentleman (2021)

Lim Young Woong’s soulful voice brings out the heartfelt emotions in Love Always Runs Away. This song, from the drama Young Lady and Gentleman, won the best drama OST award in 2021, and it’s easy to see why. The melody and lyrics beautifully complement the drama’s storyline, making it a standout track.

2. Ok by Young Tak for Korea Revolutionary Sisters (2021)

Young Tak’s energetic trot song Ok adds a unique flavor to the drama Korea Revolutionary Sisters. This track’s lively beats and catchy tune earned it a spot among the best drama OSTs, winning accolades for its contribution to the series.

3. Like a Heroine in the Movie by Punch for When the Camellia Blooms (2019)

When the Camellia Blooms was not just a popular drama; its OST Like a Heroine in the Movie by Punch also received significant recognition. The song’s soothing melody and heartfelt lyrics resonate with the viewers, earning it an award and a special place in fans’ hearts.

4. Falling in Love by Davichi for The Beauty Inside (2018)

Davichi’s song Falling in Love for the drama The Beauty Inside is a poignant track that perfectly captures the essence of the show. Known for their deep voices and emotional delivery, Davichi’s contribution to the OST lineup has been lauded with awards and critical acclaim.

5. I Will Go to You Like the First Snow by Ailee for Goblin (2016)

Ailee, often referred to as the OST Queen, delivered a masterpiece with I Will Go to You Like the First Snow for the drama Goblin. This track not only topped the music charts but also won multiple awards, becoming one of the most iconic OSTs in Korean drama history.

A Journey Through Musical Excellence

The OSTs mentioned above are just a glimpse into the rich musical landscape of Korean dramas. Each of these tracks has contributed significantly to the success of their respective dramas, enhancing the storytelling and leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Here are a few more award-winning OSTs that deserve a mention:

These songs have not only won awards but have also become favorites among fans, adding depth and emotion to the dramas they are part of. Each track is a testament to the power of music in storytelling, making the viewing experience even more memorable.


Korean drama OSTs have a unique ability to touch our hearts and evoke emotions that linger long after the final episode. The award-winning tracks listed above showcase the best of what Korean drama soundtracks have to offer. So, which drama OST is your favorite? Whether it’s a soulful ballad or an upbeat trot song, these tracks continue to be celebrated and cherished by fans around the world.

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