Will Lovely Runner Have a Happy Ending? 4 Easter Eggs Symbolizing Marriage

As Lovely Runner (2024) nears its conclusion, fans speculate about Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae's future. Will these symbolic easter eggs lead to a happy wedding finale?
Will Lovely Runner Have A Happy Ending? 4 Easter Eggs Symbolizing Marriage

As Lovely Runner (2024) approaches its final episodes, fans are eager to discover the fate of Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) and Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok). With the show set to conclude on May 27 and 29, 2024, many are speculating about a possible happy ending. Several subtle hints throughout the series suggest a wedding might be in store for the beloved characters.

Traditional Symbols and Hints

1. Red Cheek Decoration by Im Sol’s Grandmother

In episode 7, Im Sol wakes up in 2023 with red dots on her cheeks and forehead, applied by her grandmother using lipstick. In Korean culture, these red dots are typically used in traditional wedding ceremonies to protect couples from evil spirits. This hint suggests that Im Sol’s grandmother might be aware of her time-traveling and hopes for her eventual marriage to Sun Jae.

Red Cheek Decoration

2. Cheongsachorong Lanterns

The traditional red and blue lanterns, known as cheongsachorong, appear multiple times in Lovely Runner. These lanterns, symbolizing harmony between couples, are seen during key moments, such as when Sun Jae teaches Im Sol to ride a bicycle in episode 5 and when he realizes she is from the future in episode 10.

Cheongsachorong Lanterns

3. Samgyetang Soup

After a swimming competition injury, Im Sol gives Sun Jae two out of three samgyetang soups made by her grandmother. In Korean weddings, this dish is given by in-laws to welcome the daughter-in-law into the family. This gesture could indicate the grandmother’s acceptance of Sun Jae as part of the family.

Samgyetang Soup

4. Yeonseo University Kissing Myth

A myth at Yeonseo University states that couples who kiss during the university night event will eventually marry. This myth comes to life when a drunk Im Sol accidentally kisses Sun Jae during the event, leading viewers to hope for a romantic conclusion to their story.

Yeonseo University Kissing Myth

A Promising Ending

The cultural symbols are beautifully woven into the narrative, enhancing the emotional connection between the characters. With these hints, it seems likely that Im Sol and Sun Jae will indeed have a happy ending. Let’s all tune in to the final episodes and see if these hopes come true!

Additional Insights

Lovely Runner has been generating significant buzz online, topping charts for most buzzworthy dramas and actors. The chemistry between Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon is a highlight, making their relationship one to root for. The show has been praised for its execution and the heartfelt performances of the leads, despite some predictable elements in the storyline​​.

Moreover, the adaptation from the original web novel has introduced several creative liberties that enhance the drama’s appeal. While the novel focuses on Lim Sol’s despair and time-slip journey, the drama adds new characters and plot twists, making it even more engaging for viewers​.

Overall, Lovely Runner is a delightful mix of romance, mystery, and time-travel that keeps viewers hooked. The final episodes promise to reveal whether these symbolic easter eggs will lead to a happy ending for Im Sol and Sun Jae. Stay tuned!

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