Why Bai Xiaohua Pursued Huang Zhenhua in The Tale of Rose

In The Tale of Rose, Bai Xiaohua's pursuit of Huang Zhenhua is driven by her wish to have a child without the bonds of marriage, leading to a heartfelt and complicated narrative.
Why Bai Xiaohua Pursued Huang Zhenhua In The Tale Of Rose

In the chinese drama The Tale of Rose, Bai Xiaohua has a very particular reason for pursuing Huang Zhenhua. She wants to have a child and believes Huang Zhenhua is the right person to help her, despite not wanting to get married. This intriguing storyline explores the complexities of relationships and personal desires.

The Fishing Invitation

Bai Xiaohua takes the initiative and invites Huang Zhenhua to go fishing. Although reluctant, Huang Zhenhua agrees and they head to a river in the countryside. Bai Xiaohua isn’t familiar with fishing, so she asks Huang Zhenhua to teach her. This leads to a moment where they catch a large bass together. Bai Xiaohua uses this opportunity to invite Huang Zhenhua to her home, pretending she doesn’t know how to cook the fish, hoping to rekindle their past relationship. Huang Zhenhua, although aware of her intentions, hesitates to tell her about his current girlfriend and leaves the conversation unfinished.

The Second Fishing Trip

Not giving up, Bai Xiaohua invites Huang Zhenhua for another fishing trip. This time, she surprises him by learning how to steam fish and wants him to taste her cooking. Feeling conflicted, Huang Zhenhua seeks advice from his friend, Huang Yimei, who sees the seriousness of the situation and decides to fly back to Beijing to confront Huang Zhenhua. On the day of the cooking event, Bai Xiaohua, fueled by alcohol, reveals her true intentions. She expresses her desire to have a child with him but clarifies that she doesn’t want to get married. This confession leaves Huang Zhenhua in a difficult position, and he makes an excuse to leave.

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