Who Does Jung Jae I Really Like in Hierarchy?

Jung Jae I’s love life in Hierarchy leaves viewers guessing. Torn between Kim Ri An and Kang Ha, her emotional journey is filled with twists and heartfelt moments.
Who Does Jung Jae I Really Like In Hierarchy?

The drama Hierarchy is more than just a depiction of the moral decline among Jooshin High School students and teachers. At its heart lies the tangled love life of Jung Jae I (Roh Jeong Eui), caught in a complicated love triangle with Kim Ri An (Kim Jae Won) and Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min). Over the course of seven episodes, viewers are left questioning who Jung Jae I’s heart truly belongs to. Does she favor the long-standing romance with Kim Ri An, or is her newfound connection with Kang Ha the real deal?

The Long History with Kim Ri An

Kim Jae Won And Roh Jeong Eui In Hierarchy Kim Jae Won and Roh Jeong Eui in Hierarchy (x.com/studiodragonKR)

In the first episode, Jung Jae I shocks everyone by breaking up with Kim Ri An, despite their deep history. They met at six years old and began dating at fifteen, becoming the school’s legendary couple over three years. The breakup, shrouded in mystery, is later revealed to be because of a miscarriage and threats over a compromising video, pushing Jung Jae I to protect Kim Ri An by ending their relationship without explanation.

This event sets a tumultuous tone for their relationship. Despite the breakup, Kim Ri An continues to pursue Jung Jae I, showcasing his undying affection and willingness to fight for their love.

A New Spark with Kang Ha

Roh Jeong Eui And Lee Chae Min In Hierarchy Roh Jeong Eui and Lee Chae Min in Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

Enter Kang Ha, a new scholarship student who shakes things up by standing against the bullying culture at Jooshin High. After her breakup, Jung Jae I grows close to Kang Ha. A pivotal moment occurs when Kang Ha kisses Jung Jae I during a challenge at a party, a gesture Jung Jae I accepts despite the shock.

Their bond deepens during a healing forest event, where they almost repeat past mistakes Jung Jae I made with Kim Ri An. Jung Jae I’s intention to protect Kang Ha from the school’s bullies, under the guise of dating him, further complicates the love triangle, making Kim Ri An jealous and leading him to fake a relationship with Yoon He Ra.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

Kim Jae Won And Roh Jeong Eui In Hierarchy Kim Jae Won and Roh Jeong Eui in Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

Jung Jae I’s indecisiveness is a central theme. She reunites with Kim Ri An after a failed escape plan to New York, despite seeming to lead Kang Ha on. This reunion causes a stir, especially since Yoon He Ra has confessed her feelings for Kim Ri An. Kim Ri An’s commitment to Jung Jae I reaches a peak when he tells his mother about their relationship, even though it jeopardizes his position as heir to the Jooshin Group.

However, their rekindled romance is short-lived. Despite professing her desire to protect Kim Ri An, Jung Jae I ultimately decides they should separate, believing they need to find happiness independently before potentially reuniting in the future.

A Confession to Kang Ha

Kim Jae Won And Roh Jeong Eui Behind The Scenes Of Hierarchy Kim Jae Won and Roh Jeong Eui behind the scenes of Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

The final twist comes when Jung Jae I admits to Kang Ha that she reciprocated his feelings. This admission, especially after her tumultuous relationship with Kim Ri An, leaves viewers questioning whether she truly loves both boys or is simply unable to choose.

In the end, Jung Jae I’s ambiguous actions and emotional turmoil suggest she has genuine feelings for both Kim Ri An and Kang Ha. Her decision to leave both relationships open-ended highlights her struggle with her own emotions and the pressures surrounding her.

the drama doesn’t offer a clear-cut answer to Jung Jae I’s love interests. Her journey reflects the complexity of teenage love, compounded by external pressures and personal traumas. The show beautifully captures her internal conflict, leaving viewers empathetic yet frustrated with her indecision.

In my opinion, Jung Jae I’s real affection might lie more with Kim Ri An due to their deep-rooted history and shared past. However, her connection with Kang Ha introduces a refreshing dynamic, suggesting that sometimes, love isn’t about choosing the best option but understanding oneself better through different relationships.

So, who does Jung Jae I truly love? Perhaps, in the world of Hierarchy, the answer isn’t about choosing one over the other but navigating through her own journey of self-discovery and emotional growth.

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