Who Did Rose Choose in The Tale of Rose?

Dive into the love triangle of The Tale of Rose as Huang Yimei makes her heartfelt decision between Zhuang Guodong and Fang Xiewen, shaping her future.
Who Did Rose Choose In The Tale Of Rose?

In the drama The Tale of Rose, the love triangle between Huang Yimei, Zhuang Guodong, and Fang Xiewen has fans on the edge of their seats. The emotional turmoil and choices these characters make lead to some heart-wrenching moments. So, who did Rose, Huang Yimei’s nickname, ultimately choose?

Zhuang Guodong’s Persistence

Zhuang Guodong returns to China with hopes of rekindling his romance with Huang Yimei. Despite his efforts, Yimei informs him that she is about to marry Fang Xiewen. This does not deter Guodong, who waits outside her workplace, desperate for a chance to talk. Yimei, reluctant but compassionate, eventually agrees to meet him.

In their meeting at a Western restaurant, Guodong tries to impress Yimei with his success, thinking she pursued psychology because of him. Yimei, finding his assumption amusing, congratulates him but advises him to let go of the past. She pays the bill herself, making it clear she owes him nothing and rejects further meetings. Her tears during the taxi ride home reveal the emotional burden she still carries from their past relationship.

Fang Xiewen’s Proposal

Meanwhile, Fang Xiewen proposes to Yimei, and she accepts. Her father, Huang Zhenhua, visits to ensure her decision is genuine and not an escape from Guodong. Yimei reassures him that her choice to marry Xiewen is mutual and unaffected by Guodong’s return.

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