Was Xue Fangfei’s True Identity Exposed by Princess Wan Ning in The Double?

Princess Wan Ning publicly challenges Xue Fangfei’s true identity, sparking intense courtroom drama. Shen Yu Rong and Jiang Yun Bai’s interventions add twists and suspense.
Was Xue Fangfei’S True Identity Exposed By Princess Wan Ning In The Double?

In the latest gripping episode of The Double, the courtroom drama reached new heights as Princess Wan Ning publicly attempted to expose Xue Fangfei’s true identity. However, her efforts were ultimately thwarted by Shen Yu Rong and Jiang Yun Bai.

The Public Confrontation

During a tense session in the royal court, Princess Wan Ning accused Xue Fangfei of deceit, claiming she had been masquerading under a false identity. This bold accusation caused an immediate uproar among the court officials, with many questioning Xue Fangfei’s integrity.

Xue Fangfei did not back down. She challenged the princess to provide credible evidence to support her claims, suggesting that a witness be brought forward to verify her identity. Princess Wan Ning called upon the leader of the Zhen Nv Tang (Chastity Hall) to testify. The hall leader identified Xue Fangfei and accused her of murdering the real Jiang Li.

The Search for Proof

Xue Fangfei demanded concrete evidence from the hall leader, who was unable to provide any. This led to doubts about the credibility of the testimony. Princess Wan Ning then turned to Xiao Heng, suspecting that he had helped hide the hall leader in Huicheng. Despite the princess’s efforts, the townsfolk of Huixiang and Xue Fangfei’s former subordinates denied the accusations, leaving the hall leader speechless.

In a twist, Xue Fangfei revealed that she had asked Xiao Heng to find Zhen Nv, who admitted to having indirectly harmed Jiang Li in the past. Zhen Nv stepped forward to testify that Xue Fangfei was indeed Jiang Li, causing the hall leader to accuse her of lying.

Shen Yu Rong and Jiang Yun Bai’s Intervention

Princess Wan Ning’s last attempt to prove her point involved Shen Yu Rong, who was asked to confirm Xue Fangfei’s identity publicly. Contrary to expectations, Shen Yu Rong declared that Xue Fangfei was not Jiang Li, which infuriated Princess Wan Ning. Desperate to reveal the truth, the princess proposed exhuming a grave at Qingcheng Mountain to examine the remains.

Jiang Yun Bai, despite harboring doubts about Xue Fangfei, opposed the exhumation and stood by her, asserting his belief in her identity and insisting on taking her home.

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