Understanding Fang Xiewen’s Sudden Proposal in The Tale of Rose

Fang Xiewen's sudden proposal in The Tale of Rose reveals his deep insecurities and intense love for Rose. His actions show how fear can drive significant life choices.
Understanding Fang Xiewen’S Sudden Proposal In The Tale Of Rose

In the drama The Tale of Rose, Fang Xiewen’s quick decision to propose to Rose is a significant plot point that has sparked much discussion among viewers. His actions, driven by fear and insecurity, are not just about love but also about his deep-seated anxieties.

Fang Xiewen’s Insecurities

Fang Xiewen’s proposal comes after he learns that Rose’s first love, Zhuang Guodong, has returned to town. This revelation triggers Fang Xiewen’s insecurities. He fears that if he doesn’t act quickly, Rose might rekindle her old romance with Zhuang Guodong. This fear of losing her pushes him to propose suddenly, hoping to solidify his relationship with her.

His actions reflect a common theme in many dramas: the fear of losing someone important. Fang Xiewen’s insecurities are further highlighted by his desperate actions, such as secretly checking the restaurant’s surveillance footage to see if Rose had met with Zhuang Guodong. This desperation and his subsequent proposal reveal how much he values Rose and the lengths he will go to keep her.

The Meeting with Zhuang Guodong

The storyline thickens when Rose meets Zhuang Guodong after work. Despite her initial reluctance, she feels pity seeing him wait all day and agrees to talk with him. Their conversation, which involves drinking, leads to Rose feeling ill and Fang Xiewen caring for her at home. Fang Xiewen’s concern is evident when he questions her about the night, showing his deep care and also his anxiety about her relationship with Zhuang Guodong.

The scene where Fang Xiewen proposes is quite dramatic. He hands over his bank card, business licenses, and financial records to Rose, symbolizing his trust and commitment. This gesture moves Rose, and she expresses her love for him. Yet, this moment is bittersweet, as it’s tinged with Fang Xiewen’s fear of losing her, rather than just pure joy.

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