Tiffany Young’s Revealing Interview About Uncle Samsik

Tiffany Young reveals behind-the-scenes insights from Uncle Samsik, highlighting her unique bond with co-star Byun Yo Han and the challenges of bilingual acting.
Tiffany Young’S Revealing Interview About Uncle Samsik

Uncle Samsik, airing on Disney+ Hotstar since May 15, 2024, is one of the most anticipated dramas this year. Set in the 1960s in South Korea, the series features an impressive cast, including the celebrated actor Song Kang Ho, marking his debut in a Korean drama after a prolific film career. Among the stellar cast is Tiffany Young from SNSD, who shared some behind-the-scenes insights with IDN Times during a virtual interview on June 13, 2024.

Minimal Interaction with Byun Yo Han on Set

Tiffany Young And Byun Yo Han

Tiffany Young In Uncle Samsik’S Junket Interview With Idn Times (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Uncle Samsik) 

Tiffany plays Rachel Jeong, who shares a romantic storyline with Kim San, portrayed by Byun Yo Han. Interestingly, despite their on-screen chemistry, Tiffany revealed that they didn’t interact much off-camera during the romantic scenes.

“The funny thing is, when the two of us were filming, we didn’t actually talk much. We’re both really focused on the next scene, the next angle, and I’m really lucky because he’s really the best partner in my opinion,” Tiffany shared.

Their limited conversation was due to their intense focus on preparing for the next scenes. Despite this, they often engaged in deep discussions about their characters to ensure their performances complemented each other well.

“To do all these scenes, the two of us often discussed and made a lot of preparations about how these two characters complement each other,” Tiffany explained. Their efforts clearly paid off, as their on-screen chemistry has been well-received by the audience.

A Growing Friendship and Shared Interests

Tiffany Young On Set

Tiffany Young In Uncle Samsik’S Junket Interview With Idn Times (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Uncle Samsik) 

Despite their limited on-set interaction, Tiffany spoke highly of Byun Yo Han, expressing her admiration and gratitude for their growing friendship.

“Yes, I admire him because he is a good friend to me now, and we have a lot in common both in terms of work and film tastes. So, I think these things also help our chemistry,” Tiffany said.

Their shared interests and mutual respect have undoubtedly enhanced their on-screen dynamic, contributing to the show’s success. Tiffany’s appreciation for her co-star highlights the professional yet friendly environment that helped bring their characters to life.

A Fan of Her Own Characters

It’s not just the viewers who are captivated by the romantic duo of Rachel Jeong and Kim San. Tiffany herself is a fan of their relationship, delighting in the positive reception from fans.

“I’m really happy that people like the chemistry between Rachel and Kim San. I can’t tell much at the beginning of the promo and press conference because I want to respect the other actresses in the cast and also I don’t want too many spoilers. But the fans ended up really loving Kim San and Rachel. I’m also a fan of Kim San and Rachel,” Tiffany admitted.

Her enthusiasm for her characters and the story adds an extra layer of authenticity to her performance, resonating well with the audience.

The Challenge of Bilingual Acting

Tiffany Young On Set

Tiffany Young In Uncle Samsik’S Junket Interview With Idn Times (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Uncle Samsik) 

Playing Rachel Jeong, a Korean woman returning from America, posed unique challenges for Tiffany, despite her fluency in both English and Korean.

“Of course there is. I think it’s like the right brain and the left brain. I’m sure everyone who is bilingual or trilingual will understand. It’s a hurdle for me, but I think it could be an advantage for me, and this brings a lot of opportunities for me too so I always try to be grateful for all of this. I make the best use of my bilingual abilities,” Tiffany explained.

Balancing the nuances of both languages helped Tiffany refine her skills, making her portrayal of Rachel Jeong even more compelling.

Uncle Samsik offers a rich narrative of friendship, politics, and history, set against the backdrop of 1960s South Korea. With a complex storyline and strong characters, this drama is a must-watch. Catch all episodes on Disney+ Hotstar and immerse yourself in this captivating tale.

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