The Unethical Attitudes of Moon Tae Oh in Bitter Sweet Hell

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The Unethical Attitudes Of Moon Tae Oh In Bitter Sweet Hell

Moon Tae Oh (Jung Gun Joo) is a supporting character in the drama Bitter Sweet Hell. Portrayed as a medical student from Korea National University, he visits Choi Jae Jin’s (Kim Nam Hee) house under the guise of being the son of Jae Jin’s high school friend. Tae Oh’s role as Choi Do Hyun’s (Jae Chan) private math tutor quickly becomes suspicious. Despite the initial trust placed in him by No Yeong Won (Kim He Seon), Tae Oh’s true identity and intentions are revealed in episode 9, showcasing his unethical behaviors. Let’s dive into the top three unethical attitudes displayed by Moon Tae Oh during his stay at Choi Jae Jin’s house.

Acting Like a Host

Moon Tae Oh In Bitter Sweet Hell

Moon Tae Oh (Jung Gun Joo) In The Drama Bitter Sweet Hell ( 

Despite being a guest, Moon Tae Oh often behaves as though he is the host of the house. He frequently orders around Kwak Sun Young (Hong Ru Hyun), the household assistant, much to her annoyance. This behavior is not only disrespectful but also creates an uncomfortable environment for the actual hosts and other household members.

In one instance, Moon Tae Oh finds Oh Ji Eun (Shin So Yul) in No Yeong Won’s room and instead of reprimanding her, he encourages her to try on Yeong Won’s clothes and jewelry. This incident illustrates Tae Oh’s blatant disregard for boundaries and his manipulative nature, as he knows Ji Eun’s obsession with Choi Jae Jin. Such actions reveal Tae Oh’s opportunistic and intrusive personality.

Entering the Host’s Private Space

Moon Tae Oh In Bitter Sweet Hell

Moon Tae Oh (Jung Gun Joo) In The Drama Bitter Sweet Hell ( 

Moon Tae Oh’s disrespect for privacy is further highlighted when he enters No Yeong Won’s private room without permission. Upon returning home, Yeong Won is shocked to find Tae Oh in her room. He nonchalantly explains that he had Choi Do Hyun’s permission to choose his father’s clothes, as his own were stained. This excuse, however, does not justify his invasion of personal space.

A guest with proper etiquette would never enter the host’s private quarters without explicit permission. Instead, Tae Oh’s actions demonstrate a lack of respect for personal boundaries and a sense of entitlement that is both alarming and inappropriate.

Interfering in Family Affairs

Moon Tae Oh In Bitter Sweet Hell

Moon Tae Oh (Jung Gun Joo) In The Drama Bitter Sweet Hell ( 

Tae Oh’s interference in Choi Jae Jin’s family matters is perhaps his most unethical behavior. He targets Choi Do Hyun, attempting to create discord between Do Hyun and his mother, No Yeong Won. Tae Oh tells Do Hyun that mothers are always angry when their children make decisions, urging him to ignore his mother’s messages. This manipulation leads to increased tension and conflict within the family.

Moon Tae Oh’s influence over Do Hyun is detrimental, fostering rebellion and disrespect towards No Yeong Won. His actions are eventually revealed to be part of a larger vendetta, as it turns out Tae Oh is actually Oh Tae Hwan, a patient with a grudge against Yeong Won. This revelation in episode 10 adds a sinister layer to Tae Oh’s character and leaves viewers questioning his ultimate fate.

Bitter Sweet Hell keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with its complex characters and intricate plot twists. Moon Tae Oh’s unethical behavior serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of deceit and manipulation. His actions not only disrupt the lives of those around him but also highlight the importance of respecting boundaries and maintaining integrity, even as a guest.

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