The Tale of Rose: The Incident Leading to Suspension

He Xi faces suspension after a racial discrimination incident in The Tale of Rose.
The Tale Of Rose: The Incident Leading To Suspension

In The Tale of Rose, a gripping drama that delves into complex human emotions and societal issues, we witness a dramatic turn of events involving the character He Xi. He Xi, a pilot, finds himself suspended from civil aviation due to a serious incident of racial discrimination that escalated into physical violence.

The Incident Unfolds

The tension between He Xi and Huang Yimei is palpable from the start. He Xi is tasked with training Huang Yimei, but her repeated mistakes during the lessons due to nervousness frustrate him greatly. After a particularly grueling session, Huang Yimei exits the plane, overwhelmed with anxiety, and begins vomiting uncontrollably. Rather than showing empathy, He Xi continues to harshly critique her errors, further intensifying her distress.

Despite He Xi’s belief that Huang Yimei would not return, she surprises him by showing up for the next lesson, determined not to give up. However, He Xi uses the excuse of rain to prevent her from flying. This conflict reaches a peak when they begin to converse during the rain delay, revealing deeper layers of He Xi’s character.

Revelations and Redemption

During their conversation, it is revealed that He Xi had studied flying abroad but was suspended from civil aviation due to a physical altercation with a foreign colleague—an incident fueled by a moment of rashness and racial discrimination. Despite this setback, He Xi retains a general aviation license, allowing him to teach. Huang Yimei, showing resilience and understanding, encourages He Xi to not lose hope, instilling in him a renewed sense of confidence.

When the rain finally ceases, Huang Yimei gets back into the cockpit, demonstrating calmness and competence, successfully completing her flight. He Xi, witnessing her growth and determination, begins to respect her, marking a significant shift in their dynamic.

The Tale of Rose beautifully portrays how personal growth often comes from overcoming adversity. He Xi’s journey from a moment of weakness and aggression to finding confidence through teaching and receiving encouragement is inspiring. Similarly, Huang Yimei’s perseverance in the face of harsh criticism and her ultimate success serves as a testament to her strength and determination. By highlighting these intricate human experiences, The Tale of Rose continues to captivate its audience, reminding us that every challenge can lead to a new beginning if we face it with courage and compassion.

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