The Story Behind the Forced Execution of Qi Runyu’s Pork Leg Restaurant

Qi Runyu's restaurant faces forced execution due to her son's secret financial dealings.
The Story Behind The Forced Execution Of Qi Runyu’S Pork Leg Restaurant

In the popular TV show Enforcement Department, Qi Runyu faces a heartbreaking situation when her restaurant, Yucheng Pork Leg, is forcibly taken away. The reason behind this dramatic turn of events stems from a series of unfortunate decisions and deceitful actions by her son, Fang Qiang.

How Did It All Begin?

Qi Runyu, the caring aunt of Qi Lin, has been running the Yucheng Pork Leg restaurant, located at No. 5 Zhongren Road, for years. The trouble started when her son, Fang Qiang, fell for a financial trap. Without informing his mother, he transferred the restaurant’s ownership and took out a mortgage loan from Fast Think Financial Microfinance Company.

When Fang Qiang failed to repay the loan, the company took legal action. Judge Zhang Li from the Civil Court issued a judgment in April, but neither Qi Runyu nor Fang Qiang appeared in court. Despite multiple notices, they did not comply with the court’s decision, prompting the enforcement of a forced auction.

The Heartbreaking Revelation

The scene becomes even more dramatic when Chu Yun, accompanied by his team, arrives at Yucheng Pork Leg to enforce the court’s order. It is at this moment that Qi Runyu learns the devastating truth about her son’s actions. Fang Qiang had secretly transferred the restaurant’s ownership and used it as collateral for a loan without her knowledge.

As Judge Ye Xuan reads out the court’s decision, Qi Runyu is given a seven-day ultimatum to vacate the restaurant. The situation spirals further when Fang Qiang, unaware of the true circumstances, accuses Qi Lin of betrayal. It takes a serious confrontation and logical explanation from Qi Lin for Fang Qiang to confess the real story.

Fang Qiang reveals that he was misled by Dong Ming, the factory director of Yongkang Fitness Equipment Factory. Dong Ming convinced Fang Qiang to transfer the restaurant’s ownership and take a loan from Fast Think Financial, promising him shares once the company went public. Only then does Qi Lin understand that Fang Qiang had been deceived.

Final Thoughts

Enforcement Department brilliantly portrays the intersection of personal relationships and legal obligations, using Qi Runyu’s story to demonstrate the devastating impact of deception and poor financial choices. The episode serves as a valuable lesson in the importance of honesty, accountability, and the far-reaching effects of our actions on those we care about.

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