The Mystery of Bai Xiaohe’s Child: Unraveling the Story in The Tale of Rose

Who is Bai Xiaohe’s child's father? The truth and an adoption twist revealed.
The Mystery Of Bai Xiaohe’s Child: Unraveling The Story In The Tale Of Rose

In the popular Chinese drama The Tale of Rose, fans have been left with a burning question: Who is the father of Bai Xiaohe’s child? This intriguing plot twist has captivated viewers, leading to various theories and speculations. Let’s dive into the details and uncover the truth behind this mystery.

Bai Xiaohe’s Adoption Revelation

In a crucial episode of The Tale of Rose, Bai Xiaohe reveals to Huang Zhenhua that her child, Lele, was adopted during her time in Shenzhen. This disclosure came as a shock to many, considering the previous interactions between Xiaohe and Zhenhua. There was an assumption that Lele might be Zhenhua’s biological child due to their past relationship.

Huang Zhenhua, who had not seen Bai Xiaohe for many years, visits her at her new workplace in Professor Liang’s laboratory. His curiosity about her family leads to the revelation that Xiaohe is raising Lele as a single mother. This immediately sparks Zhenhua’s suspicion, given Lele’s age, and he wonders if Lele could be his son.

Unanswered Questions and Growing Suspicion

Zhenhua’s suspicion grows when he encounters Lele playing alone. He inquires about Lele’s age and birthday, hoping to find a connection. However, the details don’t match up, leaving Zhenhua with more questions than answers. His quest for the truth intensifies as he reaches out to Bai Erru, seeking information about Xiaohe’s husband. Erru suggests that Zhenhua directly ask Xiaohe.

Determined to uncover the truth, Zhenhua confronts Xiaohe once more. This time, Xiaohe clearly states that Lele is an adopted child from her time working in Shenzhen, finally putting Zhenhua’s doubts to rest.

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