The Farewell Message in The Tale of Rose

A unique farewell from Fu Jiaming leaves a lasting mark on Huang Yimei.
The Farewell Message In The Tale Of Rose

The Tale of Rose (玫瑰的故事) is a touching Chinese drama that delves deep into themes of love, loss, and the memories that bind us. A particularly poignant moment in the series revolves around Fu Jiaming’s farewell to Huang Yimei. Despite not leaving a traditional parting message, Fu Jiaming’s actions and gestures spoke volumes, leaving a lasting impact on Huang Yimei.

Fu Jiaming’s Unique Legacy

In a heartfelt twist, Fu Jiaming chose not to leave Huang Yimei any traditional keepsakes or words. He feared that physical mementos would only serve as painful reminders for Huang Yimei and Fu Jiaming’s sister, Fu Jiamin. Instead, he left something more meaningful and intangible—a family recipe for sha cha noodles. This recipe, a cherished heirloom, symbolizes the continuity of life and the importance of family traditions.

After accepting the reality of Fu Jiaming’s impending death, Huang Yimei and Fu Jiaming spent their last moments together, watching the sunset. Fu Jiaming passed away peacefully in Huang Yimei’s arms, creating a serene and bittersweet memory for her.

The Power of Memories and Music

Following Fu Jiaming’s passing, Huang Yimei visited his studio, which remained unchanged. The familiar surroundings triggered a flood of memories, and she couldn’t hold back her tears. She sat down to play a piece on the piano, feeling as though Fu Jiaming was embracing her from behind. However, upon turning around, she found herself alone, illustrating the haunting presence of his memory.

Jiang Xueqiong, respecting Fu Jiaming’s last wishes, arranged an exhibition of his works. She called Huang Yimei to be the first to experience it. Hearing the familiar music, Huang Yimei was overwhelmed with grief, feeling as though Fu Jiaming was still by her side, never truly gone.

On the day of Fu Jiaming’s memorial, friends and family gathered to bid him farewell. Huang Yimei felt his presence among them, a comforting reminder that his spirit lingered on.

A Tribute in Art

Huang Yimei, holding the sha cha noodle recipe left by Fu Jiaming, walked down the corridor where their relationship had begun. Immersed in memories, she danced with the ghosts of the past. In her sorrow, she poured her heart into her art, creating a painting to commemorate Fu Jiaming, capturing the essence of their shared experiences and love.


The Tale of Rose beautifully illustrates how love and memories transcend physical death. Fu Jiaming’s unique parting gift and the emotional journey of Huang Yimei highlight the enduring impact of cherished memories and family traditions. Through music, art, and a simple family recipe, the series poignantly conveys the theme of love’s everlasting presence.

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