The Double: The Tragic End of Ji Shuran

Unravel the heart-wrenching end of Ji Shuran in The Double. Madness, guilt, and justice intertwine in this unforgettable finale.
The Double: The Tragic End Of Ji Shuran

The final chapter of The Double left viewers with a whirlwind of emotions as the story of Ji Shuran reached its dramatic conclusion. This historical drama, filled with intricate plots and intense character developments, has kept its audience on the edge of their seats. Let’s delve into the final moments that sealed Ji Shuran’s fate.

The Revelation and Ji Shuran’s Downfall

In a shocking turn of events, Xue Fangfei reveals her true identity, driving Ji Shuran to madness. The revelation is too much for Ji Shuran to bear, leading to her mental collapse and eventual confinement to a tomb-guarding duty. The impact of this revelation ripples through the storyline, affecting every character involved.

Ji Shuran'S Madness

To save Ji Shuran, Consort Li (丽妃) persuades Ji Yanlin to resign from his official position and become a monk. Ji Yanlin, initially reluctant, is forced to comply under Consort Li’s threat of abandoning him. This scene highlights the sacrifices made by characters in the name of loyalty and love.

A Family Torn Apart

Madame Jiang, filled with guilt and misunderstanding, believes that Ji Shuran’s actions deserve severe punishment. She mistakenly thinks Jiang Li killed her mother and brother, leading to her decision to end Ji Shuran’s life with poisoned wine. However, Xue Fangfei steps in, requesting to bid farewell to Ji Shuran. Madame Jiang, feeling remorse for her past actions towards Xue Fangfei, grants her this request.

Xue Fangfei’s encounter with Ji Shuran in the woodshed is intense. Ji Shuran, plagued by hallucinations of her past victims, is terrified and hides. Xue Fangfei coldly recounts Ji Shuran’s crimes, including the murder of Ye Zhenzhen and the wrongful accusations against Jiang Li. The weight of her sins drives Ji Shuran further into insanity, screaming about her own victimization.

Consort Li’s timely intervention ultimately spares Ji Shuran from immediate death, but she is left in a state of perpetual torment, haunted by her past deeds. This ending serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of one’s actions and the inescapable nature of guilt.

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