The Conflict Between Zhang Rui and Zhang Qing in Enforcement Department

Sibling rivalry and financial disputes ignite drama in Enforcement Department.
The Conflict Between Zhang Rui And Zhang Qing In Enforcement Department

In the popular Chiense Drama Enforcement Department, tensions run high between Zhang Rui and Zhang Qing. This drama series intricately portrays the struggles and misunderstandings that arise between the siblings after the passing of their mother. The heart of their conflict centers on financial disputes and emotional grievances.

The Root of the Conflict

The story begins when their mother, during her lifetime, helped Zhang Rui by providing him with 50,000 yuan to rent a food stall and passing down her secret recipe for seafood porridge. This gesture was meant to support Zhang Rui in his entrepreneurial endeavors. However, Zhang Qing felt left out and harbored resentment towards their mother. She had requested 200,000 yuan to pursue an acting career, but their mother could not afford such an amount. This financial disparity sowed the seeds of discord between the siblings.

Escalation of the Dispute

The tension escalates when Zhang Qing refuses to go to school or work, blaming her mother for her unfulfilled dreams. She chooses instead to stay home, claiming she needs to care for Zhang Jian Guo. This decision is met with frustration by Qi Lin, who urges Zhang Qing to find a job and understand the hard work Zhang Rui and his wife put into their business, starting their day as early as 3 AM.

One particular incident highlights the depth of Zhang Qing’s anger: in a fit of rage, she nearly smashes a glass vase, declaring her irreconcilable differences with Zhang Rui. She demands that Zhang Rui take Zhang Jian Guo away, but Zhang Jian Guo resists. Qi Lin, dining at Zhang Rui’s seafood restaurant, learns about the ongoing conflict. He sympathizes with Zhang Rui and tries to mediate, emphasizing the sacrifices made by their mother for Zhang Rui’s success.

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