The Best Classic and Unforgettable Doramas

Unforgettable classic doramas: romance, mystery, heartwarming stories that stand the test of time.
The Best Classic And Unforgettable Doramas

Exploring classic doramas is a fantastic way to dive into the rich history of Asian drama. These shows not only captivated audiences during their original runs but have also stood the test of time. Here’s a list of must-watch old doramas that are both unforgettable and heartwarming. Perfect for those who want to discover timeless classics or those looking to start a series that’s already completed.

Boys Over Flowers

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One cannot talk about classic doramas without mentioning Boys Over Flowers. This 2009/2010 Korean drama, based on the popular Japanese manga, explores complex issues like socioeconomic inequality, family, love, and friendship. The story follows an ordinary girl whose family runs a dry-cleaning business. She earns a scholarship to an elite high school after preventing a student from committing suicide. There, she encounters the F4, the school’s four richest and most influential boys. Despite trying to avoid conflicts, she inadvertently declares war on the group’s leader, leading to a tumultuous yet gripping love triangle. This drama remains a favorite for many, with its engaging plot and memorable characters.

Buzzer Beat

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For a mix of romance and sports, Buzzer Beat is a great choice. This drama tells the story of a professional basketball player, Naoki, who struggles with his career due to his short stature and inability to handle pressure. Meanwhile, Riko, a spirited music student, dreams of becoming a professional violinist. Their paths cross, leading to a friendship that gradually blossoms into love. However, complications arise as Naoki is already considering marriage with his current girlfriend, and Riko attracts the attention of Naoki’s coach. This heartfelt drama beautifully portrays personal growth and the complexities of love and ambition.

Children of a Lesser God

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For those who enjoy mystery and supernatural elements, Children of a Lesser God offers an intriguing narrative. The story revolves around a brilliant detective, Kim Dan, who relies on facts, logic, and numbers, and another detective, Cheon Jae-in, who possesses a supernatural ability related to her vision. Despite their contrasting personalities, they join forces to uncover a conspiracy involving a powerful organization. This drama keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its thrilling plot and well-crafted characters.


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Canola is a touching film that tells a beautiful story of love between a grandmother and her granddaughter. After being separated for 12 years, they reunite in a market, but their lives have changed dramatically. This emotionally charged drama explores themes of family, love, and the challenges of reconnecting after a long absence. It’s a sensitive, delicate, and deeply moving narrative that resonates with viewers of all ages.

Lovers of Haeundae

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In Lovers of Haeundae, a prosecutor loses his memory after an accident while investigating a mafia family in Busan. Mistakenly believing his undercover identity to be his real one, he falls in love with the mafia boss’s daughter. This twist of fate complicates his life as he navigates between his true identity and the world of organized crime. This drama is filled with romance, suspense, and the quest for identity, making it an engaging watch.

Ms. Panda and Mr. Hedgehog

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For a lighter, more comedic option, Ms. Panda and Mr. Hedgehog is a delightful series. Yang, a sweet and lovable character, runs a small bakery called Panda Café. She hires Go Seung-ji, nicknamed “Mr. Hedgehog” for his prickly personality, as a pastry chef. As they work together, they face challenges from a national cake company run by Panda’s first love. The series is charming and filled with delicious desserts and heartwarming moments.

My Husband Got a Family

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My Husband Got a Family follows the life of a strong-willed career woman who marries a successful doctor. Her life turns upside down when her husband’s long-lost family reappears, bringing with them three brothers and a grandmother. This drama explores the dynamics of blending families, with plenty of humor and touching moments. It’s a refreshing take on family and love.

Prosecutor Princess

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Prosecutor Princess tells the story of Ma Hye-ri, a fashion-loving, brilliant woman who becomes a prosecutor due to her parents’ insistence. Despite her initial lack of interest in the job, she begins to develop a passion for justice and falls for the charming prosecutor Yoon Se-joon. This series combines romance, personal growth, and legal drama, making it an engaging watch.

Reply 1997

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Reply 1997 is a nostalgic trip back to the 1990s, focusing on the lives of six high school friends who reunite 15 years later. The series explores their teenage years filled with K-pop idol obsessions and high school dramas, leading up to the present where two friends plan to get married. The show captures the essence of growing up and the bonds of friendship, much like the American series How I Met Your Mother.

The King of Dramas

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Lastly, The King of Dramas provides a behind-the-scenes look at the television industry. Anthony Kim, a producer with a Midas touch, teams up with a newbie writer and a top actor to create a successful drama. Their journey is filled with conflicts, compromises, and triumphs, offering viewers a fascinating glimpse into the making of a TV show.

These classic doramas offer a rich variety of stories, from heartfelt romances to thrilling mysteries. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the genre, these recommendations are sure to provide hours of entertainment. Happy watching!

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