“Singer 2024” Showcases Na Ying’s Nervous Blunder and Rainie Yang’s Breath Mishap

The highs and lows of Singer 2024 with unforgettable performances and unexpected setbacks. Get the inside scoop now!
“Singer 2024” Showcases Na Ying’S Nervous Blunder And Rainie Yang’S Breath Mishap

The latest variety show sensation in Mainland China, Singer 2024, has captured the attention of viewers with its raw, unedited broadcasts. However, the premiere episode didn’t go entirely smoothly for some of the contestants, notably Na Ying and Rainie Yang.


Na Ying, a seasoned performer, found herself at the center of attention when viewers noticed her trembling with nerves during her performance. Despite her extensive experience, Na Ying forgot her lyrics, leading to an awkward moment on stage. Instead of singing “Deep Sea,” she mistakenly belted out another song. However, Na Ying took the criticism in stride, acknowledging that even seasoned performers can feel the jitters under the spotlight.

Breathless Moments

Rainie Yang Was So Nervous In

Rainie Yang, another contestant on the show, encountered her own setback during her rendition of “Take Me Away.” While attempting to hit the high notes, Rainie’s breath faltered, causing a noticeable hiccup in her performance. Viewers observed the tension in her expression, particularly during the challenging segments of the song.

Results and Reactions

Despite these mishaps, Singer 2024 still managed to thrill audiences with its dynamic performances. American singer Chante Moore claimed the top spot in the first round, followed by Canadian sensation Faouzia. Na Ying secured a respectable third place, earning praise for her stage presence despite the nerves. Rainie Yang, despite her breath incident, remained optimistic, expressing a desire to improve in future performances.

Wang Sulong, another contestant, expressed satisfaction with his fourth-place ranking, emphasizing the honor of introducing new music to the audience.

Looking Ahead

As Singer 2024 continues its run, viewers can expect more electrifying performances and perhaps a few more unexpected twists along the way.

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