Seo Ye Ji Officially Joins SUBLIME Agency

Seo Ye Ji joins SUBLIME, exciting fans with potential acting projects.
Seo Ye Ji Officially Joins Sublime Agency

The ever-talented Seo Ye Ji, known for her diverse acting skills and captivating charm, has officially joined the SUBLIME agency. The announcement, made on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, marks a new chapter in her career. Let’s dive into the details and understand what this means for the beloved actress and her fans.

A New Beginning with SUBLIME

Seo Ye Ji Officially Joins Sublime Agency


After a period of silence, Seo Ye Ji’s new agency, SUBLIME, shared the exciting news of her joining their team. The agency’s Instagram handle (@sublime_official) posted an official statement, saying, “With actress Seo Ye Ji who is passionate about acting and has diverse charms, we will create new synergies and provide full support and effort.”

This move is significant as SUBLIME is known for managing high-profile artists and providing them with extensive opportunities and support. Fans are eager to see what new projects and collaborations this partnership will bring for Seo Ye Ji.

Departure from GOLD MEDALIST

Seo Ye Ji


Before joining SUBLIME, Seo Ye Ji was under the management of GOLD MEDALIST, an agency she joined on January 1, 2020. Her contract with GOLD MEDALIST ended on November 30, 2023. The agency reflected on their journey with the actress, saying, “Seo Ye Ji’s exclusive contract with our company has ended after four years. The collaboration between GOLD MEDALIST and Seo Ye Ji ended, but we will always remember the moments we had with Seo Ye Ji.”

The end of her contract with GOLD MEDALIST was a turning point, and fans were curious about her next move. The transition to SUBLIME appears to be a strategic decision aimed at rejuvenating her career.

Reflecting on Seo Ye Ji’s Career

Seo Ye Ji


Seo Ye Ji’s career has been marked by impressive performances and notable dramas. She first gained widespread recognition with her role in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020), a drama that showcased her exceptional acting skills and won her many fans. Her last drama before taking a hiatus was Eve (2022), after which she stepped back from the limelight.

Over the past two years, fans have eagerly awaited her comeback. With her recent association with SUBLIME, there’s renewed hope that she will soon return to the screen, bringing her unique charm and talent to new roles in Korean dramas and films.

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