Road to Kingdom Returns in 2024 with a Fresh New Format

Road to Kingdom 2024: A fresh, independent format highlighting K-pop boy groups.
Road To Kingdom Returns In 2024 With A Fresh New Format

Survival shows produced by Mnet have always been a magnet for K-pop fans worldwide. Among these shows, Road to Kingdom has garnered a significant following since its debut. First launched from April 30 to June 16, 2020, the show brought together several boy groups to compete for a spot on Kingdom. Now, after four years, the buzz around a second season of Road to Kingdom has begun to stir, promising some intriguing changes.

An Independent Journey

The Boyz'S Performance Clip On Road To Kingdom

The Boyz’S Performance Clip On Road To Kingdom ( 

The second season of Road to Kingdom is undergoing a massive rebranding. Unlike its predecessor, which served as a prequel to the main show, Kingdom, the new season will stand on its own. In 2020, the first season saw groups like THE BOYZ, ONF, PENTAGON, VERIVERY, ONEUS, Golden Child, and TO1 battling it out for advancement.

This time around, Road to Kingdom will not function as a precursor to Kingdom. Instead, it will be an independent program focused on showcasing the rise and revival of K-pop boy groups. This shift marks a significant departure from the original format, offering a fresh perspective and new opportunities for the participants.

Airing in Late 2024

Poster Coming Soon Road To Kingdom

Poster Coming Soon Road To Kingdom ( 

Fans won’t have to wait too long, as the rebranded Road to Kingdom is set to air in the second half of 2024. Mnet has already generated excitement by releasing a “coming soon” poster on June 26, 2024, via their social media channels.

According to Soompi, the rebranded show will debut with a new title, reflecting its updated concept. The reality element of the program will be more pronounced, adding a layer of authenticity and engagement. Additionally, the rewards for the winning team are set to change, though specific details remain under wraps for now.

Potential Contestants Stir Speculation


Cravity ( 

In May, rumors about the participating boy groups began to circulate. CRAVITY was among the names mentioned, although their agency, Starship Entertainment, stated that nothing was confirmed at that time. Other potential contestants include xikers, THE NEW SIX, 8TURN, YOUNITE, ATBO, and TEMPEST. As of now, neither Mnet nor the respective agencies have made any official announcements.

The rebranding of Road to Kingdom has certainly piqued interest, and fans eagerly await more details about the second season. With its new format and independent status, this show is poised to offer fresh and exciting content for K-pop enthusiasts around the globe.

In my opinion, this change could be a strategic move to breathe new life into the series and attract a broader audience. By focusing on the revival of boy groups and enhancing the reality aspect, Road to Kingdom promises to be a captivating watch. The anticipation surrounding the contestant lineup adds an extra layer of excitement, making this upcoming season a must-watch for K-pop fans.

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