List of Korean Artists Under SUBLIME Agency

An inside look at SUBLIME Agency's star-studded lineup and their latest projects.
List Of Korean Artists Under Sublime Agency

SUBLIME is a notable South Korean entertainment agency founded on April 17, 2015. They manage a diverse group of talents, including models, singers, and actors. The agency recently announced new additions like Tiffany Young, Hyeri, and Seo Ye Ji, enriching their roster. Let’s delve into the list of popular artists under SUBLIME.

Tiffany Young Joins SUBLIME

Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young (

Tiffany Young, formerly of Girls’ Generation, joined SUBLIME on December 26, 2022. This move marks her first affiliation with a Korean agency since leaving SM Entertainment. Tiffany’s transition highlights her continuous growth and adaptation in the dynamic entertainment industry.

Other Notable Artists at SUBLIME

Yein from Lovelyz


Yein ( 

After ending her contract with Woollim Entertainment in 2021, Yein, a former member of Lovelyz, joined SUBLIME on January 11, 2022. Her journey with SUBLIME showcases her efforts to explore new opportunities and redefine her career.

Jackson Wang’s Global Collaboration

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang ( 

Jackson Wang’s label, TEAM WANG, partnered with SUBLIME on January 22, 2021. This collaboration facilitates his activities in Korea, China, and globally, reflecting SUBLIME’s expanding influence and Jackson’s multifaceted talent.

Yerin’s New Chapter


Yerin ( 

Yerin, formerly of GFRIEND, joined SUBLIME after parting ways with Source Music on June 17, 2021. This step marks her fresh start and promises exciting new projects under SUBLIME’s management.

Youngjae’s Transition


Youngjae ( 

Youngjae, after leaving JYP Entertainment, signed with SUBLIME on January 20, 2021. His move to SUBLIME indicates a strategic shift aimed at exploring diverse artistic avenues and furthering his solo career.

Hani’s New Beginnings


Hani ( 

Hani, formerly of EXID, joined SUBLIME on October 11, 2019, after her contract with Banana Culture ended. Hani’s presence at SUBLIME adds a vibrant dynamic to the agency’s talent pool, promising more engaging performances and projects.

Lim Na Young’s Journey

Lim Na Young

Lim Na Young ( 

Lim Na Young, previously of IOI and PRISTIN, signed with SUBLIME on August 22, 2019. Over the past three years, she has evolved significantly under SUBLIME’s guidance, showcasing her versatility and dedication.

Song Kang Ho’s Notable Move

Song Kang Ho

Song Kang Ho ( 

Renowned actor Song Kang Ho joined SUBLIME in 2020 after leaving HODU&U Entertainment. His inclusion in SUBLIME underscores the agency’s ability to attract top-tier talent across various entertainment sectors.

Rising Star Oh Ye Ju

Oh Ye Ju

Oh Ye Ju ( 

Oh Ye Ju, who gained popularity from Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022), is now managed by SUBLIME and Rain Company. Her rising fame is a testament to SUBLIME’s knack for nurturing emerging talents.

Influencer Song Jia

Song Jia

Song Jia ( 

Song Jia, known from Single’s Inferno, is also part of SUBLIME. This highlights the agency’s diverse portfolio, managing not only traditional artists but also influencers, thus keeping pace with the evolving entertainment landscape.


SUBLIME’s roster boasts an impressive array of talents, each bringing their unique flair to the agency. From seasoned artists like Song Kang Ho to fresh faces like Oh Ye Ju, SUBLIME continues to be a dynamic force in the Korean entertainment industry. We eagerly anticipate the exciting projects and collaborations these artists will bring under SUBLIME’s management.

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