Lim, Former Wonder Girls, Announces Pregnancy with Second Child

Lim, former Wonder Girls star, excitedly reveals she is expecting her second child.
Lim, Former Wonder Girls, Announces Pregnancy With Second Child

Happy news has come from Lim, a former member of the Wonder Girls. By sharing a heartfelt video on her Instagram, Lim announced that she is expecting her second child with her husband, athlete Shin Min Chul. This exciting update was revealed on Tuesday, February 25, 2024.

The Joyous Announcement

Lim, whose real name is Woo Hyerim, shared the wonderful news with her fans through a touching video featuring her husband and their first child, Siwoo. The video included glimpses of a positive pregnancy test and ultrasound images, capturing the family’s joy and anticipation. Lim expressed her excitement in the caption, writing, “Surprise! We are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second baby! Our baby’s nickname is ‘Thank Kong’ (inspired by Siwoo saying ‘thank kong’ instead of ‘thank you’). We can’t wait to meet you, baby! Can you guess the gender?”

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This announcement has undoubtedly thrilled fans of Lim and the Wonder Girls, as they witness the growth of her beautiful family. The inclusion of Siwoo in the announcement video added an extra layer of warmth and authenticity, showing the close-knit bond of the family.

Anticipation and Dreams

In addition to her Instagram announcement, Lim has been sharing her journey and feelings through her YouTube channel, Lim’s Diary. She opened up about the challenges they faced while trying to conceive their second child, highlighting the emotional rollercoaster that came with it. “I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness because it took longer to conceive our second child compared to Siwoo,” Lim shared, reflecting on the difficulty of their journey.

Moreover, Lim and Shin Min Chul have expressed their hopes and dreams for their growing family. They shared their ideal scenario of having a boy and a girl, with Lim saying, “My husband and I both have siblings of different genders, so we always dreamed of having a boy and a girl. We hope our first child is like his father and our second child is like me. However, this is just our ideal scenario. Regardless of gender, we just hope to have a healthy baby.”

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The couple’s openness about their experiences and desires resonates with many parents and soon-to-be parents who may have faced similar struggles and dreams.

Lim’s Family Journey

Lim and Shin Min Chul have been together for a long time, having tied the knot on July 5, 2020, after seven years of dating. They welcomed their first son, Siwoo, in February 2022, who is now two years old. The news of Lim’s second pregnancy adds another joyful chapter to their family story.

As fans eagerly await more updates, Lim’s announcement has not only brought joy to her followers but also highlighted the importance of family and perseverance. We can’t wait to follow Lim and her family’s journey as they prepare to welcome their newest member.

In my opinion, Lim’s candidness and heartfelt communication with her fans are truly commendable. Her ability to share personal moments so openly fosters a genuine connection with her audience, reminiscent of the intimate storytelling style often found on DramaBeans. This approach not only keeps fans engaged but also allows them to feel a part of her family’s journey.

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Lim’s announcement of her second pregnancy is a heartwarming piece of news that has delighted her fans. As she and her husband, Shin Min Chul, prepare to welcome their new baby, their story continues to inspire and resonate with many. We wish Lim and her family all the happiness and health as they embark on this new chapter together.



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