Lee Seung Gi’s Firm Stand Amid Father-in-Law’s Legal Troubles

Lee Seung Gi firmly responds to his father-in-law's guilty verdict, asking for public respect and privacy for his family amidst ongoing legal issues.
Lee Seung Gi’S Firm Stand Amid Father-In-Law’S Legal Troubles

Lee Seung Gi, a celebrated actor and singer, married Lee Da In in April 2023. The couple recently welcomed their first child, marking a joyous new chapter in their lives. However, this happiness has been overshadowed by troubling news concerning Da In’s family.

A Reversal of Fortune: The Guilty Verdict

Initially, Lee Seung Gi’s father-in-law was acquitted of charges related to stock manipulation, a case that involved a significant profit of 2.37 billion won (approximately 28 billion IDR). However, the Supreme Court found errors in the previous trial’s decision and postponed the case for further review. This led to a new ruling that once again found Da In’s father guilty of violating the Capital Markets Law. Consequently, he was handed over to the Seoul High Court for sentencing.

This development has certainly placed Lee Seung Gi in a difficult position, yet he has not shied away from addressing the issue head-on.

Lee Seung Gi'S Response To His Father-In-Law Being Found Guilty

Image Source: Instagram.com/Leeseunggi.official 

Protecting Family: Lee Seung Gi’s Unyielding Response

In light of the renewed scrutiny, Lee Seung Gi has stepped up as the protector of his family. In a statement reported by OSEN, the actor firmly requested, “Please don’t touch my family.” His agency, Big Planet Made Entertainment, echoed this sentiment in an official release, emphasizing the need for privacy and respect during these challenging times.

“For the sake of Lee Seung Gi, who is striving to be closer to his fans as an artist celebrating his 20th debut anniversary, please do not cause trouble with his family,” the agency stated. They highlighted that Lee Seung Gi now has the responsibilities of a husband and a son-in-law, and the couple’s parents have also assumed the roles of grandparents.

The agency also clarified that these legal issues predate Lee Seung Gi’s marriage to Lee Da In, aiming to dispel any misconceptions about the timing and relevance of these events to the couple’s relationship.

Lee Seung Gi'S Response To His Father-In-Law Being Found Guilty

Image Source: Instagram.com/Leeseunggi.official 

The Public and Lee Seung Gi: A Complicated Relationship

Public and fan reactions to Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s marriage have been mixed. Many voiced their objections, fearing that the actor’s association with a family embroiled in legal controversies could tarnish his reputation. Despite this, Lee Seung Gi has remained steadfast in his commitment to his family.

In a quote from Herald Pop, Lee Seung Gi emphasized, “It happened before I got married, and this is a problem that must be resolved by my family. We will take firm legal action regarding fake news and malicious and belittling comments.” His resolve to protect his loved ones from undue criticism and harmful speculation is clear.

Lee Seung Gi'S Response To His Father-In-Law Being Found Guilty

Image Source: Instagram.com/Leeseunggi.official

Final Thoughts

Lee Seung Gi’s response to his father-in-law’s guilty verdict showcases his strength and dedication as both a public figure and a family man. It’s evident that he prioritizes his family’s well-being above all else, even amid public scrutiny. As fans and observers, it is crucial to respect his wishes and allow the family the privacy they need to navigate these challenging times.

Lee Seung Gi’s journey continues to be one of resilience and integrity, and his ability to stand firm in the face of adversity only adds to his admirable character.

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