Kwon Yul: The Master of Antagonist Roles in Korean Dramas

Kwon Yul's best villain roles in Korean dramas, from charming to chillingly ruthless.
Kwon Yul: The Master Of Antagonist Roles In Korean Dramas

Kwon Yul is one of the most talented actors from South Korea, renowned for his versatile performances across various genres. Born on June 29, 1982, Kwon Yul has captivated audiences with his unique ability to embody complex characters, especially villains. His portrayal of antagonists has earned him the title of a “psychopath specialist,” making him a standout figure in the Korean drama industry. Let’s dive into the six most memorable antagonist roles played by Kwon Yul.

The Possessed Lecturer: Joo Hye Sung in Let’s Fight Ghost (2016)

Portrait Of Kwon Yul In Let'S Fight Ghost (Doc. Tvn/ Let'S Fight Ghost)

In Let’s Fight Ghost, Kwon Yul takes on the role of Joo Hye Sung, a seemingly friendly lecturer. His character is possessed by an evil spirit, turning him into a cold-blooded killer who commits heinous acts for personal pleasure. The contrast between his innocent facade and his dark deeds creates a gripping tension that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Park Bong Pal (played by Taecyeon), a ghost hunter, becomes determined to stop Hye Sung’s reign of terror. Kwon Yul’s chilling performance in this role is a testament to his acting prowess.

The Corrupt Lawyer: Kang Jung Il in Whisper (2017)

Kwon Yul'S Portrait On Whisper (Doc. Sbs/ Whisper)

Whisper presents a scathing critique of corruption within the legal system. Kwon Yul’s character, Kang Jung Il, is a cunning lawyer who stops at nothing to achieve his ambitious goals. His willingness to commit murder and other serious crimes showcases the depths of his greed. This role highlights Kwon Yul’s ability to portray characters with a chillingly pragmatic approach to villainy.

The Serial Killer: Bang Je Soo in Voice S2-S4 (2018-2021)

Portrait Of Kwon Yul In Voice 2 (Doc. Ocn/ Voice 2)

In the second to fourth seasons of Voice, Kwon Yul plays Bang Je Soo, a police officer who secretly harbors a dark side as a serial killer. His character methodically kills victims, collecting their body parts as trophies. The stark contrast between his professional demeanor and his gruesome acts adds a layer of complexity to his character, making Bang Je Soo one of the most terrifying villains in the series.

The Obsessive Lover: Jang Tae Jin in Dali and Cocky Prince (2021)

Kwon Yul'S Portrait In Dali And Chocky Prince (Doc. Kbs/ Dali And Chocky Prince)

Kwon Yul’s role as Jang Tae Jin in Dali and Cocky Prince brings a different kind of villain to the screen. As the second lead, he is embroiled in a complicated love triangle with his ex-fiancée Kim Da Li (Park Gyu Young) and her new love interest. His character’s toxic obsession and manipulative tactics to win back Da Li add drama and tension to the series. Kwon Yul’s portrayal of a desperate and obsessive lover is both compelling and unsettling.

The Ambitious Director: Goo Tae Man in Mental Coach Jegal (2022)

Kwon Yul'S Portrait In Mental Coach Jegal (Doc. Tvn/ Mental Coach Jegal)

In Mental Coach Jegal, Kwon Yul portrays Goo Tae Man, a former taekwondo champion turned director of the Human Rights Center at the Korean Olympic Committee. His character is ruthlessly ambitious, using his position to manipulate and cheat his way to power. This role underscores Kwon Yul’s versatility in playing characters driven by power and ambition, willing to cross any line to achieve their goals.

The Corrupt Prosecutor: Park Tae Jin in Connection (2023)

Still Cuts Drama Connection (

In Connection, Kwon Yul plays Park Tae Jin, a prosecutor entangled in corruption, murder, and drug crimes. His character is quick to protect his criminal associates, demonstrating a cunning and manipulative nature. This role allows Kwon Yul to explore the depths of moral depravity, making Park Tae Jin a character that viewers love to hate.

Kwon Yul’s dedication to his craft and his ability to bring these complex antagonist characters to life make him a standout actor in Korean dramas. His performances not only captivate the audience but also add significant depth to the storylines. Among these six memorable antagonist roles, which one do you find the most intriguing?

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