Key Points Ahead of Connection’s Ending

Lee Hyun reveals key points ahead of Connection's thrilling ending.
Key Points Ahead Of Connection’S Ending

Connection has experienced an impressive surge in popularity as it approaches its ending. According to AGB Nielsen, the show’s ratings have been steadily increasing, reaching a peak of 11.1 percent in episode 10. This gripping drama, known for its heavy themes and dense narrative, has captivated viewers with its intricate storytelling. Writer Lee Hyun has shared some important points that viewers should pay attention to before watching the final episodes. Let’s dive into the key highlights.

1. The End of the Mystery

Writer Lee Hyun Shares Key Points Ahead Of Connection'S Ending

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One of the main points highlighted by Lee Hyun is the resolution of the mystery in Connection. He mentions that all the questions and suspense built up throughout the series will be answered in the final episode. This is a significant aspect of the drama, as it has kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Lee Hyun encourages viewers to stay dedicated and watch the remaining episodes carefully to fully grasp the storyline’s conclusion.

“I hope the remaining four episodes will repay viewers who believe in the power of the story and support it until the end, even though quite complicated events continue to occur,” he said.

2. The End of a Broken Friendship

Writer Lee Hyun Shares Key Points Ahead Of Connection'S Ending

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Another crucial element in the final episodes is the theme of broken friendship. According to Lee Hyun, the last episodes will explore the fragility of the characters’ friendships and how it impacts the overall narrative. The title The End of a Broken Friendship sets the tone for this exploration. The story delves into how friendships can be tested and strained by various circumstances, revealing deeper truths about the characters involved.

“The most fitting keyword in the planning section is friendship. I use the fragility of the characters’ friendship to reveal friends (as perpetrators). Not family members or others, but in the middle,” Lee Hyun explained.

3. Three-Dimensional Characters and Directing

Writer Lee Hyun Shares Key Points Ahead Of Connection'S Ending

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Lee Hyun also emphasizes the importance of three-dimensional characters and directing in Connection. He mentions that the show features a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique perspectives and complexities. As the series progresses, these characters’ true natures and choices come to light, adding depth to the narrative. Lee Hyun praises Director Kim and the actors for their exceptional work in bringing these characters to life.

“Inner character Connection has a three-dimensional point of view. As always, the truth will be revealed through individual choices. I am also very grateful to Director Kim and the actors who directed the storyline in three dimensions but still felt clear,” he said.

4. Lee Hyun’s Challenges with Changing Audience Interests

Lastly, Lee Hyun discusses the challenges he faced while producing Connection. He acknowledges the difficulties of writing a heavy genre drama and the external issues that arose during production. Despite the challenges, Lee Hyun expresses his gratitude to the director, actors, production team, and viewers for their unwavering support. He also notes the shift in the drama market, which is currently dominated by rom-coms and melodramas, making it more challenging to attract viewers to a mystery drama like Connection.

“I think what’s harder than writing itself are the external issues. This is a big journey not only for me, but also for the director, actors, production company, and television station. We are trying to dramatize a heavy genre work that is quite difficult to get viewers in the middle of the episode because the whole mystery will only be revealed at the end,” he shared.

Connection will conclude on July 5 and 6, 2024. Make sure to tune in and witness the thrilling conclusion to this captivating drama!

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