Kang Daniel Sues Major Shareholder of KONNECT Entertainment

Kang Daniel files a lawsuit against KONNECT Entertainment's main shareholder, seeking accountability for $11.22 million in losses due to multiple alleged illegal activities.
Kang Daniel Sues Major Shareholder Of Konnect Entertainment

Kang Daniel’s Legal Battle

Former Wanna One member Kang Daniel is taking legal action against the main shareholder of his own agency, KONNECT Entertainment. His legal team revealed that Daniel has suffered significant losses, totaling around USD 11.22 million (14 billion won), due to various alleged illegal activities by the shareholder.

On May 20, 2024, Kang Daniel filed a criminal complaint against the major shareholder, known only as ‘A’, who holds approximately 70% of the company’s shares. The lawsuit addresses four key accusations: forgery of documents, embezzlement of funds, breach of trust, and fraud.

Details of the Case

Kang Daniel’s legal representative explained the gravity of the situation. They stated that despite his efforts to protect the company and its employees, there was no other option but to seek legal accountability. The allegations include:

  1. Forgery and Falsification of Documents: In December 2022, a contract worth over 10 billion won was signed using the company’s seal without Kang Daniel’s approval.
  2. Embezzlement: Over 2 billion won was illegally withdrawn from the company’s accounts.
  3. Breach of Trust: Unauthorized use of company funds and falsification of accounting records.
  4. Fraud: Unauthorized withdrawals amounting to 1.7 billion won from Kang Daniel’s personal bank account.
Kang Daniel Portrait of Kang Daniel (Instagram.com/daniel.k.here)

Kang Daniel Hopes for Change

In closing, Kang Daniel’s legal representatives expressed their thanks and apologized for the news circulating. They revealed that Kang Daniel mustered up his courage so that this incident would not happen again.

“Our clients have mustered great courage in the hope that such unfair incidents will no longer occur in our popular culture and arts industry and that this case will be the last.”

KONNECT Entertainment, founded by Kang Daniel in 2019, started as a one-person agency and has grown significantly, managing artists like Yuju, CL, and Chancellor. This lawsuit aims to protect not just Kang Daniel, but the integrity of the entire agency and its affiliated artists.

Kang Daniel Portrait of Kang Daniel (Instagram.com/daniel.k.here)

It’s truly disheartening to see an artist like Kang Daniel, who has worked tirelessly to build his career and company, face such betrayal from within his own organization. His courage in taking a stand against these injustices is commendable. This case sheds light on the darker side of the entertainment industry and highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in business practices. Let’s hope this case brings about positive changes and prevents future occurrences of such unfair treatment. ​

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