JUMP’s Arioka Daiki Ties the Knot with Matsuoka Mayu After Years of Rumors

The Scandal that Became Reality
Jump’S Arioka Daiki Ties The Knot With Matsuoka Mayu After Years Of Rumors

The long-rumored relationship between Hey! Say! JUMP member Arioka Daiki and well-known actress Matsuoka Mayu has finally been confirmed. On the 7th, the couple announced their marriage, making Arioka the first member of the popular Japanese boy band to tie the knot. Fans have supported Hey! Say! JUMP for many years, and this announcement has certainly stirred up excitement.

Arioka shared in the marriage announcement, “Although I still have many shortcomings, I will work hard to grow with the support of my partner and let everyone see a more mature me. I hope that we can respect the things that each other values ​​and treat our relationship with sincerity.” The couple has chosen to keep the details of their wedding private, including the date of their registration.

Daiki Arioka And Mayu Matsuoka Announced Their Marriage. Daiki Arioka and Mayu Matsuoka announced their marriage. (Picture/reproduced from Instagram/daiki.arioka_official, mayu_matsuoka_koushiki)

Matsuoka also expressed her feelings on her official website, stating, “It has been 20 years since I entered the agency as a child star. I have met countless people. As I grow older, my gratitude is getting deeper and deeper. I am very sorry to report this to those who have always looked after me.” This heartfelt message shows her deep appreciation for the journey she has had in the entertainment industry and her hope for a supportive future.

Love Born from Friendship

Interestingly, the relationship between Arioka and Matsuoka dates back to 2018. The Japanese media reported that they had been dating for two years after being introduced by friends. Their shared love for anime helped them bond, turning their friendship into romance. At the time, they chose not to respond to the rumors, and now, six years later, they have surprised everyone with their marriage announcement.

Statement By Mayu Matsuoka. Statement by Mayu Matsuoka. (Picture/reproduced from Matsuoka Moyu’s official website)

In my opinion, this union between Arioka Daiki and Matsuoka Mayu is a beautiful example of how true love can develop over time and withstand public scrutiny. Their story adds a new layer of relatability and warmth to the often tumultuous world of celebrity relationships. Fans of Hey! Say! JUMP and supporters of both Arioka and Matsuoka will surely be cheering them on as they embark on this new chapter of their lives. This marriage not only marks a personal milestone for the couple but also a historic moment for Hey! Say! JUMP, as they see their first member become a husband.

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