Jooan of TAN Announces Military Enlistment with Heartfelt Letter to Fans

Jooan of TAN will enlist in July 2024, sharing a heartfelt letter with fans. Discover details about his service, TAN's fan concert, and their latest album.
Jooan Of Tan Announces Military Enlistment With Heartfelt Letter To Fans

Jooan, a member of the K-pop group TAN, has announced that he will soon be entering the military. He is scheduled to begin his basic military training in July 2024 and will serve as part of a military band. This news marks Jooan as the first member of TAN to carry out his military service. TAN will host fan concerts in Seoul in June 2024, providing fans a chance to see Jooan before his enlistment.

Jooan Announces Military Enlistment

Jooan Tan Will Enlist In July 2024, Writes Letter To Fans

On Saturday, June 1, 2024, Jooan shared a heartfelt handwritten letter to his fans, known as SODA, on his personal Instagram. In this letter, he expressed his feelings about his upcoming enlistment and reassured his fans about his dedication to the group and his health. Below is an excerpt from his message:

“For SODA,

Hi Soda! This is Jooan.

The reason I am writing this letter in person today is to inform you of the news of my military enlistment in July. Now there is only a week left before the fan concerts, and I’m not sure I can do the show well knowing the date (enlistment date), but I promised SODA that I’ll let you know as soon as I know it.

I received notice of enlistment into the military band by exam in May. On one hand, this was expected from the beginning, but seeing SODA’s worries and concerns made me feel sorry and troubled. I will come back healthy. Despite entering my late 20s, I am happier than most and grateful to have made my late 20s full thanks to SODA.”

TAN’s Fan Concert in Seoul

Tan Fan Concert Announcement TAN member (

Just a week before his announcement, TAN revealed their plans for a fan concert in Seoul. The event, titled TAN 1st FAN CONCERT: WORLD, is set to take place on June 9, 2024, at Baekam Art Hall in Seoul, South Korea. This concert will be a significant event for fans, providing a chance to see Jooan perform live before he takes his hiatus for military service.

TAN’s Recent Comeback and Agency Challenges

Jooan'S Announcement Letter

TAN recently made a comeback with the release of their first full album, W SERIES 3TAN, at the end of March 2024. The album’s title track, “Hyper Tonic,” has been well-received by fans and critics alike. However, the group has faced challenges as their agency, Think Entertainment, has been dealing with internal issues. The CEO and several staff members were involved in a scandal related to Kim Ho Joong’s DUI case. While the individuals involved have resigned, the future management activities of Think Entertainment remain uncertain.

Jooan’s enlistment will mark a brief hiatus from his activities as a K-pop idol. Fans are hopeful that he will complete his service smoothly and return in good health. It’s touching to see Jooan’s dedication to his fans and his promise to return stronger. This period of service will undoubtedly be a challenging yet fulfilling journey for him.

In my opinion, Jooan’s sincere message to his fans highlights the strong bond between idols and their supporters. His openness about his feelings and his commitment to returning healthy is truly admirable. We wish Jooan all the best during his service and look forward to his return.

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