Jiseong Rejoins NTX Group After Contract with TAN Ends

Jiseong's return to NTX brings excitement and anticipation for fans.
Jiseong Rejoins Ntx Group After Contract With Tan Ends

Jiseong is entering a new phase in his KPop career. It has been confirmed that he will be rejoining the boy group NTX after his contract with TAN ends in mid-2024.

Jiseong Returns to NTX

Jiseong Rejoins Ntx Group After Contract With Tan Ends

Jiseong (Twitter.com/Tan__Official_)

On July 3, 2024, Victory Company announced through the b.stage platform that Jiseong would be returning to NTX after his contract with TAN ended. Jiseong, who originally debuted with NTX, will rejoin the group after a break. Victory Company stated:

“As our artist Jiseong’s exclusive contract as a member of TAN has expired, we would like to inform you about his upcoming activities. We discussed with the artist and his guardians about the timing of his return to his original group, NTX. It was decided that he needed time for personal care and sufficient rest after his busy schedule with Wild Idol and TAN.”

This decision highlights the importance of considering artists’ health and well-being in the fast-paced KPop industry. Victory Company also mentioned that NTX’s second mini-album, Hold X, set to release on July 9, 2024, will feature eight members, excluding Jiseong.

Jiseong’s Journey with TAN

Tan Member

Tan Member (Twitter.com/Tan__Official_) 

Jiseong’s journey with TAN began after he was selected through the survival program Wild Idol. Debuting with TAN on March 10, 2022, he actively promoted with the group for two years. TAN’s promotion period ended after two years, amidst internal issues at Think Entertainment, the agency managing TAN. The CEO and several staff were involved in a scandal, impacting the agency’s image and leading to the non-renewal of contracts for TAN members.

Despite these challenges, Jiseong’s time with TAN showcased his talent and dedication. His participation in Wild Idol and subsequent debut with TAN were significant milestones in his career.

Taking a Break Before Rejoining NTX

Boy Group Ntx

Boy Group Ntx (Twitter.com/Ntx_Official_) 

Before fully rejoining NTX, Jiseong will be taking a break. Victory Company emphasized the need for Jiseong to rest after his continuous activities with Wild Idol and TAN. This break is essential for his personal care and recovery.

NTX, now promoting as an eight-member group, will release their mini-album Hold X and embark on an American tour starting in August 2024. Jiseong’s fans eagerly await his return to the group, and the anticipation is palpable.

Jiseong’s return to NTX is a highly anticipated event in the KPop community. His journey from NTX to TAN and back to NTX is a testament to his resilience and talent. The decision to allow him a break shows a commendable focus on his well-being, which is often overlooked in the entertainment industry. Welcome back, Jiseong!

This move not only marks a new chapter for Jiseong but also sets an example for how agencies can prioritize their artists’ health. Fans can look forward to seeing a well-rested and rejuvenated Jiseong rejoining NTX, bringing his unique energy and talent back to the stage.

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