Jin Ki Joo’s Nostalgia for Reporting Sparked by Uncle Samsik

Jin Ki Joo reminisces about her reporter days while acting in Uncle Samsik.
Jin Ki Joo’S Nostalgia For Reporting Sparked By Uncle Samsik

Jin Ki Joo recently concluded her role in the Korean drama Uncle Samsik. The final three episodes will air on June 19, 2024. Jin Ki Joo, portraying Choo Yeo Jin, received high praise for her performance, matching the caliber of her more seasoned co-stars.

After the drama wrapped up, Jin Ki Joo participated in several interviews with local media. She shared her impressions of playing Choo Yeo Jin, a character who works as a reporter—a profession Jin Ki Joo herself held before transitioning to acting.

Reliving the Past: Jin Ki Joo’s Journey from Reporter to Actress

In 2014, Jin Ki Joo joined G1 Broadcasting Company in Gangwon Province as a reporter trainee. However, she soon left to participate in the 2015 SBS Supermodel Contest, marking her acting debut that same year. Director Shin Yeon Shick mentioned at a press conference that Jin Ki Joo’s background as a reporter made her a perfect fit for the role of Choo Yeo Jin in Uncle Samsik. Choo Yeo Jin, in the drama, becomes a reporter after a significant separation from her father and boyfriend.

Playing Choo Yeo Jin brought back memories for Jin Ki Joo. In an interview with OSEN on June 25, 2024, she expressed, “My heart became warm when I read Choo Yeo Jin’s narration. I also remembered the days when I was writing applications and studying with friends. It felt very warm.” This statement reflects the deep connection she felt with her character, drawing parallels to her own past experiences.

Jin Ki Joo Feels Nostalgic When He Was A Reporter Because Of The Drama Uncle Samsik

Portrait Of Jin Ki Joo Behind The Scenes Of The Drama Uncle Samsik (Post.naver.com/Fl Ent) 

Navigating Era Differences: Challenges and Nostalgia

Despite her real-life experience as a reporter, Jin Ki Joo admitted that this did not help much in portraying Choo Yeo Jin due to the different time settings. Uncle Samsik is set in the 1960s, a period quite distinct from her time as a reporter. Jin Ki Joo commented, “I don’t think that experience helped directly because I was a reporter in a different era. But, it seems like that experience helped a lot whether I realized it or not.” This acknowledgment shows that while the specifics may differ, the essence of being a reporter remained ingrained in her, subtly influencing her performance.

Embracing the Role: Fun Moments with the Typewriter

Jin Ki Joo Feels Nostalgic When He Was A Reporter Because Of The Drama Uncle Samsik

Portrait Of Jin Ki Joo Behind The Scenes Of The Drama Uncle Samsik (X.com/Disneypluskr)

A particularly amusing challenge Jin Ki Joo faced was using a typewriter, a staple tool for reporters in the 1960s. Unlike modern keyboards, typewriters require a different set of skills. Jin Ki Joo had to learn quickly to convincingly portray a seasoned reporter. She humorously recalled, “I had to use a typewriter in those days and not keyboards like the present. I really wanted to look like an expert using it. When filming for insert shots, the director only gave me a few chances. He laughed and said, ‘If I give an actor a chance until he’s satisfied, it could take a whole day.’ That’s why I only did it twice,” she said with a laugh.

Even though the difference in eras posed a challenge, Jin Ki Joo’s background as a reporter undeniably enriched her portrayal of Choo Yeo Jin, leaving a lasting impression on the audience through the final episodes of Uncle Samsik.

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