Is The Auditors Drama Worth Watching?

A gripping drama blending auditing with high-stakes action and captivating characters.
Is The Auditors Drama Worth Watching?

tvN recently released a Korean drama that dives deep into the world of auditing, titled The Auditors (2024). According to Nielsen Korea, this drama premiered on July 6, 2024, with a rating of 3.5 percent, which climbed to 5.9 percent by the second episode.

Given that only two episodes have aired, you might not have had the chance to watch it yet. Let’s explore if The Auditors should be on your weekend watchlist!

Dynamic Duo: Shin Ha Kyun and Jin Goo with Lee Jung Ha’s Youthful Energy

Is The Auditors Drama Good?

Still Cut From Korean Drama The Auditors ( 

The Auditors (2024) marks the return of some well-loved actors: Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Jung Ha, Jin Goo, Jo A Ram, and Jung Moon Sung. These five actors have received praise for their performances in previous dramas, and their collaboration here promises to be just as captivating.

The drama focuses on the intense interactions between Audit Team Manager, Shin Cha Il (Shin Ha Kyun), and JU Construction Vice President, Hwang Dae Woong (Jin Goo). Adding to the tension is the strict JU Construction President, Hwang Se Woong (Jung Moon Sung).

Not all is serious, though. Viewers are treated to the youthful energy of Goo Han Soo (Lee Jung Ha), who, alongside the principled Shin Cha Il, makes for a compelling duo. Another character adding intrigue is Yoon Seo Jin (Jo A Ram), a hard-working and mysterious member of the Audit Team.

A Glimpse into the World of Auditing with a Thrilling Twist

Is The Auditors Drama Good?

Still Cut From Korean Drama The Auditors ( 

The Auditors (2024) is perfect for those curious about the auditing profession, especially when wrapped in an action-packed narrative. From the outset, the show plunges viewers into the intensity of investigations and special audit hearings led by Shin Cha Il and Goo Han Soo. The first two episodes are filled with thrilling scenes that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The dynamic between Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha could even evolve into a delightful bromance as the series progresses. The plot is densely packed and progresses rapidly, making it an engaging watch from the start.

Convenient Viewing on Viu

Is The Auditors Drama Good?

Still Cut From Korean Drama The Auditors ( 

With a total of 12 episodes, The Auditors airs on tvN and can be streamed legally on Viu. This means viewers only need to wait six weeks to enjoy the entire series, making it perfect for those who prefer binge-watching. Each episode is about an hour long but maintains a fast pace that ensures it never feels dull.

For fans of fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping investigative dramas, The Auditors (2024) is highly recommended. It not only provides entertainment but also offers a deeper understanding of the auditing field.

So, if you’re looking for a new drama to get hooked on this weekend, The Auditors might just be the perfect choice.

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