Is My Sweet Mobster Drama Good or Not?

Is My Sweet Mobster the rom-com you need? Find out now!
Is My Sweet Mobster Drama Good Or Not?

My Sweet Mobster (2024) is a refreshing rom-com for Indonesian audiences, adapted from the webtoon The Woman Who Plays (2024) on Naver. With eight episodes released, it’s time to see if this drama is worth adding to your watchlist. Let’s dive into the details and explore if My Sweet Mobster (2024) is a hit or miss!

The Chemistry Between the Leads: A Delightful Experience

My Sweet Mobster stars Uhm Tae Goo as Seo Ji Hwan and Han Sun Hwa as Go Eun Ha. The chemistry between these two main actors makes the light-hearted story even more enjoyable. Uhm Tae Goo, known for his introverted and shy nature in real life, surprises the audience with his deep voice and masculine presence. Despite his quiet demeanor, his portrayal of Seo Ji Hwan is gentle and captivating.

Is My Sweet Mobster Drama Good Or Not?

Still Cut From Korean Drama My Sweet Mobster ( 

Han Sun Hwa, on the other hand, is cheerful and humble, making her character Go Eun Ha lively and relatable. The way Han Sun Hwa builds chemistry with Uhm Tae Goo is impressive, bringing Seo Ji Hwan and Go Eun Ha’s relationship to life. Their interactions add color and fun to the storyline, making it a delightful watch.

Ideal for Rom-Com Enthusiasts

My Sweet Mobster is perfect for those who enjoy light-hearted and silly rom-coms. The storyline is filled with humorous scenes that might seem unreasonable but are sure to entertain fans of the genre. However, if you prefer more realistic rom-coms, the exaggerated plot might not be your cup of tea.

Is My Sweet Mobster Drama Good Or Not?

Still Cut From Korean Drama My Sweet Mobster ( 

While Seo Ji Hwan and Go Eun Ha’s characters struggle with their past and pride, making the romantic development slow, the secondary couple, Joo Il Young (Kim Hyun Jin) and Gu Mi Ho (Moon Ji In), offer a more mature and intense storyline. Although their screen time is limited, their scenes manage to evoke strong emotions and keep the audience engaged.

Easy Accessibility and Additional Content

The good news is that My Sweet Mobster is available for streaming on VIU every Wednesday and Thursday, with a total of 16 episodes. This means you can follow the journey of Seo Ji Hwan and Go Eun Ha until early August 2024.

Is My Sweet Mobster Drama Good Or Not?

Still Cut From Korean Drama My Sweet Mobster ( 

Additionally, this drama is adapted from The Woman Who Plays (2024), a webtoon available on Naver. Although the Indonesian version is not yet available, the original webtoon is still ongoing, providing more content for fans to enjoy.

In conclusion, My Sweet Mobster (2024) is suitable for those who love cheesy rom-coms with a light plot. If you enjoy reading webtoons, you can also explore The Woman Who Plays (2024) for more engaging content.

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