How Chen Xiaoman Created the Unique Yunxiao Xueji in Reblooming Blue

Ke Yan's support and Chen Xiaoman's creativity lead to the creation of Yunxiao Xueji in Reblooming Blue, a tale of perseverance and innovation.
How Chen Xiaoman Created The Unique Yunxiao Xueji In Reblooming Blue

In Reblooming Blue, Ke Yan’s encouragement plays a crucial role in Chen Xiaoman’s journey. His support gives her the confidence to tackle the challenging task of creating the unique Yunxiao Xueji. Here’s a look at how she accomplished this feat.

The Challenge and the Inspiration

Chen Xiaoman

Chen Xiaoman faced a significant challenge in her studio. Uncle San, overwhelmed by the new color order, felt lost with the unfamiliar formula. The stakes were high—failure to deliver would result in massive penalties. Chen Xiaoman shared this anxiety, but Ke Yan’s encouragement motivated her to take a leap of faith.

Returning home, Chen Xiaoman delved into her father’s porcelain-making diary, seeking inspiration. She realized the importance of understanding what colors appealed to consumers. This led her to Yuhou Tea Garden, where she observed the interplay of clouds and the blue sky. These observations sparked a breakthrough idea, prompting her to experiment with new techniques in her studio.

The Breakthrough

Chen Xiaoman

After rigorous effort and experimentation, Chen Xiaoman succeeded in developing the ideal blue color. Despite minor imperfections, the glaze and color of her creation were breathtaking. Naming this unique blue “Yunxiao Xueji,” she impressed her boss with her creativity and dedication. He not only signed the order but also granted ample production time, acknowledging the value of her innovative approach.

Personal and Professional Struggles

Chen Xiaoman

Throughout her journey, Ke Yan remained a steadfast supporter. He helped Chen Xiaoman with various tasks and sought her advice on personal matters, including his desire to connect with her aunt, Chen Huayun. However, Chen Xiaoman cautioned him against pursuing this, given her aunt’s elusive nature.

Chen Xiaoman faced personal dilemmas as well. Torn between staying in her hometown and returning to Beijing, she felt a deep connection to her roots while firing porcelain. Her visit to her father’s grave reminded her of his unwavering support and wisdom.

Family dynamics also played a role. Third Aunt Xu Man’s investigation confirmed that Chen Xiaoman independently created Yunxiao Xueji, leading to a celebration banquet and further support for her entry into the family company.

Tragedy struck when Yuan Yuan, a friend deceived by her boyfriend, committed suicide. This event profoundly affected Chen Xiaoman, adding a layer of emotional complexity to her story.

In the end, Ke Yan’s aspirations to learn from Chen Huayun faced strict conditions, yet he remained determined to collaborate with her. This subplot highlighted the intricate web of relationships and ambitions within the narrative.

Reblooming Blue captures the essence of perseverance, creativity, and the intricate balance between personal and professional lives. Chen Xiaoman’s journey in creating Yunxiao Xueji stands as a testament to the power of encouragement, inspiration, and determination.

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