Go Kyung Pyo Reveals Past Mistreatment by a Director

Go Kyung Pyo shares his difficult early experiences in the acting industry.
Go Kyung Pyo Reveals Past Mistreatment By A Director

Go Kyung Pyo, beloved for his humorous and charming persona, recently opened up about a difficult period in his life that changed him profoundly. In a candid interview on Daesung’s YouTube channel, the actor shared his experiences with harsh treatment from a director early in his career. This revelation sheds light on the challenges he faced and how they shaped his journey in the entertainment industry.

Offered a Role as a Corpse and Insulted by a Director

Go Kyung Pyo Reveals Bad Treatment Of A Director In The Past

Source: [Go Kyung Pyo (Instagram.com/Kopular)] 

Despite being a successful actor now, Go Kyung Pyo did not have an easy start. In his early 20s, he faced a humiliating situation when a director mocked his aspirations. During the interview, Go Kyung Pyo recounted, “There was a time when a director didn’t react to my audition. However, when I was about to leave, he stopped me and asked if I wanted to play a corpse. I was 20 years old at the time and said I would do it. When he asked why, I said I wanted to add experience and learning on the shooting location.”

Instead of encouragement, the director responded with disdain. “He then said to me, ‘I’m not here to give you experience. Get out. Want to bet? You’re not going to be an actor.’ It felt like he was taking out his stress on me,” Go Kyung Pyo shared. This encounter left a deep impact on him, challenging his determination to pursue acting.

Apologizing for Past Misconduct Towards Directors

Go Kyung Pyo Reveals Bad Treatment Of A Director In The Past

Source: [Go Kyung Pyo (Instagram.com/Kopular)] 

Reflecting on his journey, Go Kyung Pyo admitted that he wasn’t always perfect in his interactions with directors either. Specifically, he mentioned his behavior during the audition for Reply 1994 and expressed regret towards Director Shin Won Ho, with whom he later worked on Reply 1988.

“I want to apologize to director Shin Won Ho. At the audition for Reply 1994, I was so arrogant. I was frustrated because things weren’t going my way and thought, ‘Even if I audition and act here, they won’t choose me.’ So I had the misconception that they wouldn’t like me no matter what,” Go Kyung Pyo explained. His frustration at the time led to a bad attitude, which he now acknowledges and regrets.

Director Shin Won Ho’s Concern and Go Kyung Pyo’s Growth

Go Kyung Pyo Reveals Bad Treatment Of A Director In The Past

Source: [Go Kyung Pyo (Instagram.com/Kopular)] 

The tension between Go Kyung Pyo and directors didn’t go unnoticed. Director Shin Won Ho, who later became a key figure in Go Kyung Pyo’s career, was particularly concerned. “Director Shin Won Ho even asked my company, ‘Is (Go Kyung Pyo) mentally okay?’ He was worried and I realized that life is not easy. I also understand that acting makes me happy and how lucky I am to get the opportunity to audition. I feel ashamed of myself,” Go Kyung Pyo admitted.

Despite these rocky beginnings, Go Kyung Pyo’s perseverance paid off. He has since starred in numerous dramas and films, overcoming the initial hurdles to become a respected actor. His story is a powerful reminder of the struggles and resilience required to succeed in the competitive world of entertainment.

Go Kyung Pyo’s candid sharing of his past serves as an inspiration for many aspiring actors. It highlights the importance of resilience, humility, and continuous self-improvement in the face of adversity.

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