G-Dragon Becomes Professor at KAIST University

G-Dragon, K-pop star, becomes a guest professor at KAIST, teaching Mechanical Engineering and collaborating on tech-art projects to inspire and innovate.
G-Dragon Becomes Professor At Kaist University

G-Dragon, the iconic K-pop star, has officially stepped into a new role as a guest lecturer at the prestigious Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Specifically, he will be sharing his expertise in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. This exciting appointment will see G-Dragon serving as a professor until 2026.

Wow, how on earth is G-Dragon a lecturer at an engineering campus? Here’s the explanation!

G-Dragon’s New Role at KAIST

G-Dragon Becomes Professor At Kaist University G-Dragon becomes a lecturer (yna.co.kr)

G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji Yong, has been specially appointed as a professor at KAIST. The official handover of his appointment letter took place during the ‘Innovate Korea 2024’ event at the KAIST Sports Complex. This move is not just a remarkable career shift for the artist but also a strategic initiative by KAIST to bridge the gap between science, technology, and culture.

According to KAIST, this appointment aims to promote Korean culture globally by integrating cutting-edge science and technology from KAIST into entertainment and cultural content. This collaboration is expected to enhance the global competitiveness of Korean culture significantly.

A Two-Year Teaching Tenure

G-Dragon Becomes Professor At Kaist University G-Dragon becomes a lecturer (mydaily.co.kr)

G-Dragon will serve as a guest lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering for two years, starting immediately. During his tenure, he will deliver leadership lectures to both undergraduate and graduate students. His classes will draw from his extensive global experiences and insights as a top-tier artist, offering students a unique perspective on leadership and creativity.

The rapper, known for hits like Heartbreaker and Crayon, will not only be sharing his knowledge but also inspiring students with his journey and success in the entertainment industry.

Collaborative Research and Cultural Events

G-Dragon G-Dragon (mydaily.co.kr)

Beyond teaching, G-Dragon will actively participate in research projects at KAIST. These projects will combine KAIST’s advanced technologies with artistic content. For instance, they will explore the development of artist avatars using the latest technologies such as volumetrics, motion capture, and haptics.

G-Dragon expressed his enthusiasm for this role, stating, “I am honored to be a guest lecturer at KAIST, which has produced many genius scientists. I look forward to significant synergy, a big breakthrough for the meeting between leading science-technology experts and my entertainment expertise.”

The collaboration between G-Dragon and KAIST is also set to include various cultural events aimed at fostering communication and collaboration within the KAIST community. This initiative promises to be a fascinating blend of technology and artistry, offering a new dimension to both fields.

Wow, I really want to be taught by G-Dragon, huh!

In conclusion, G-Dragon’s appointment as a professor at KAIST is a groundbreaking move that highlights the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration. It not only opens up new avenues for students but also sets a precedent for future partnerships between the arts and sciences.

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