Exploring the Enigmatic Background of Characters in Tarot: Seven Stories

Unravel the dark fates of seven intriguing characters in Tarot: Seven Stories.
Exploring The Enigmatic Background Of Characters In Tarot: Seven Stories

Tarot: Seven Stories (2024) is a mystery horror drama filled with suspenseful scenes and eerie occurrences. This series, set to premiere on July 15, follows the dreadful fate of its characters, who become ensnared in a curse after receiving a mysterious tarot card prediction. Presented in an omnibus format, the drama promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Here’s a glimpse into the intriguing backstories of the seven main characters.

Santa’s Visit: The Tale of Ji Woo

Santa'S Visit

Portrait Of Script Reading Of Tarot Player: Seven Stories (Doc. Lg U+ Studio X+U/ Tarot: Seven Stories)

In the episode titled Santa’s Visit, actress Jo Yeon Jeong portrays Ji Woo, a single mother juggling a demanding job. Ji Woo often leaves her young daughter home alone, especially during the hectic holiday season. The plot thickens on Christmas Eve when a series of mysterious and terrifying events unfold, turning a festive night into a nightmare. Jo Yeon Jeong’s portrayal of Ji Woo promises to be both heart-wrenching and chilling, capturing the essence of a mother’s love overshadowed by supernatural threats.

Rental Mom: The Mystery of Young Ji’s Mother

Rental Mom

Still Cuts Drama Tarot: Seven Stories (Instagram.com/Xplusu.series) 

Rental Mom dives into the life of Young Ji’s mother, played by Park Ha Sun, who lives in a luxurious apartment complex but is often referred to as a “rent mom” by other residents due to her rented home. Her character’s enigmatic nature raises many questions among the neighbors and the audience. Park Ha Sun’s performance brings a blend of mystery and subtle tension, making viewers eager to uncover the secrets that lie beneath her seemingly ordinary exterior.

Throw Me Away: The Journey of Dong In

Throw Me Away

Still Cuts Drama Tarot: Seven Stories (Instagram.com/Xplusu.series) 

In Throw Me Away, the spotlight shines on Dong In, a veteran courier known as the “Delivery King,” portrayed by Dex. His life takes a sinister turn when he discovers a mysterious tarot card during one of his deliveries. This episode is filled with strange occurrences and escalating terror that test Dong In’s resilience and courage. Dex’s character offers a compelling look at the intersection of the mundane and the supernatural, as his everyday job becomes a harrowing ordeal.

Going Home: The Anxiety of Kyung Rae

Going Home

Still Cuts Drama Tarot: Seven Stories (Instagram.com/Xplusu.series) 

Ko Gyu Pil stars as Kyung Rae in the episode Going Home. This character is caught in a frantic rush to get home, only to find himself in a terrifying and anxiety-inducing situation. The episode masterfully builds suspense, leaving viewers questioning what dreadful events Kyung Rae will encounter. Ko Gyu Pil’s performance is set to capture the raw fear and urgency of someone trapped in a nightmarish scenario.

Locker for One: The Connection Between Jae Yoon and Ji O

Locker For One

Still Cuts Drama Tarot: Seven Stories (Instagram.com/Xplusu.series) 

Locker for One features Seo Ji Hoon and Lee Jo Bin as Jae Yoon and Ji O, respectively. The episode explores their mysterious relationship, which unfolds through messages left in an underground locker. Despite never meeting face-to-face, their bond grows through these cryptic exchanges, leading to unsettling revelations. Seo Ji Hoon and Lee Jo Bin’s characters add a unique, eerie element to the drama, focusing on the power of unseen connections and hidden secrets.

Couple Manager: The Strained Relationship of Han Eun Jung and Kim Sung Tae

Couple Manager

Portrait Of Script Reading Of Tarot Player: Seven Stories (Doc. Lg U+ Studio X+U/ Tarot: Seven Stories) 

In Couple Manager, Han Eun Jung and Kim Sung Tae play a couple whose relationship begins to unravel after receiving bizarre advice from a couple manager. The episode delves into the psychological strain and turmoil that ensues, showcasing the fragility of their bond. Han Eun Jung and Kim Sung Tae’s portrayal highlights the unsettling influence of external forces on personal relationships, adding a psychological depth to the horror.

Phishing: The Reckless BJ Sunja


Portrait Of Script Reading Of Tarot Player: Seven Stories (Doc. Lg U+ Studio X+U/ Tarot: Seven Stories) 

The final episode, Phishing, stars Oh Yoon Jin as BJ Sunja, a character who takes dangerous pranks to new heights for the thrill of it. Sunja’s reckless behavior and dangerous broadcasts create a complex web of conflict and tension. Oh Yoon Jin’s character is a stark reminder of the dark side of human nature and the perilous consequences of seeking pleasure through harm.

Each of these stories brings a unique flavor and synergy to Tarot: Seven Stories, making it a must-watch for fans of mystery and horror. The series, available on U+ Mobile TV starting July 15, promises a blend of gripping storytelling and chilling suspense that will keep viewers hooked from beginning to end.

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